Batik Star

Seems I got a bit more distracted last night. I wanted to make another of the 6.75″ batik stars with the extra Storm at Sea pieces I had printed. It was sort of bargaining that went on internally, “Hmm. You have two of the four cornerstones for the pieced border done, so you can play again. But only tonight. Tomorrow you have to make another one of the cornerstones.”

Because it’s a batik, it presses like a charm. I really have no idea how many of these stars I’ll make and what else I’ll do with the extra pieces, but it’s fun to have the option to just pick up and stitch a block like this every once in a while. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson and am grading the seams as I go.

The Drunkard’s Trail/Snail’s Trail has me absolutely captivated. I have many ideas flying around in my mind now and know I’ll end up making at least two and probably more quilts using those shapes. There’s one idea that’s begging to be made soon. Of course, the fact that there’s all that delicious curved piecing has something to do with my fascination with that pattern. Whether these ideas will wait until the red and white top is finished remains to be seen.

It was another remarkably warm day here yesterday and today sounds like it’s going to be even warmer yet. Then it looks like we crash back to the reality of March but what a nice treat this taste of summer has been.

This may be one of my favourite pictures of Baxter yet. I love how well his lynx tips show up.

9 thoughts on “Batik Star

  1. Yes, it seems like distraction is getting the better of you, but in a good way. Love working with batiks, they do press like a dream. Great picture of Baxter too!


  2. I wonder if you even ever get any sleep at night with all those ideas swimming around in your head! LOL! Tha is a beautiful star! A whole quilt of those would be nice with maybe other color batik stars, too.

    Baxter is so cute!


  3. Glad you keep finding new adventures in stitching…always fun for the rest of us who
    are less productive! 🙂 It’s been a truly lovely winter…that wasn’t… for most!
    These little windows of warmth are bringing welcome smiles and dreams of the
    good days coming! Happy stitching!


  4. Baxter is so gorgeous!
    I have begun to call Morty the ‘caramel freak’. He really seems to be quite insane, and does the strangest things. He might be mellowing though, as he has not bitten me for a month now, and the scars have almost gone from his last savaging!


  5. Your hand piecing is absolute perfection! I found some size 12 needles in my sewing room (they must be 10+ years old)…I never even tried to use them, I was too put off by how tiny they are, because I have such big hands and fingers. Just assumed I needed a bigger needle to hand piece. I started handpiecing a block yesterday…with the world’s biggest needle, don’t even know what size it was, but BIG. After asking you what size you use, I dug around and found the old 12’s, and wow…they stitch like a dream, so thank you! I have a question…what does it mean to grade your seams? Thanks! 🙂


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