Fabric Play

While I was working on the red and white pieced border last night, I was thinking about playing with this group of fat quarters. Once the red and white, the Scrappy Star, the Pickled Ladies and the quilt I’ve decided to make with the fabrics I won in the Love the Lines contest (more on that quilt soon) are done, I’m going to start playing in earnest with those fabrics. I prewash all my fabric and then just fold it to put away. Ironing happens when I’m about to use it, which is why these FQs appear a bit wrinkled.

Right now I have too many ideas and not enough time to stitch! I think I need to teach Baxter to start stitching. Maybe I’d have better luck teaching Mr. Q.O. to stitch, although he’s making noises about perhaps playing with EQ. I hope he does actually, as I am sure his design ideas will be really intriguing.

It was yet another absolutely glorious warm day here on Wednesday. They finally opened the roof garden but we didn’t get out there to take a shot of the red and white top. Maybe today we will.

Baxter loves to sprawl on the floor with Cappy nearby.

10 thoughts on “Fabric Play

  1. Pretty fabrics, good enough to eat! Is the fabric on the left side, top row, Graden Etchings by Ro Gregg for Northcott? It looks very similar to fabric I have – bought in Canada,too. Baxter, you are a very funny kitty!


  2. Love the fabrics! Can’t wait to see what you do with them! And I so much want to reach inside the monitor and tickle Baxter’s tummy….such a handsome youngster he is!!


  3. Those fabrics are SO YUMMY!!!!

    You can tell Baxter is a contented cat, laying on his back. My cats do that and it’s so funny…. Keep the posts coming, good for morning eye candy.


  4. Your stash is amazing…it keeps sprouting all these fun and exciting new fabrics!
    Can’t wait to see what is next on your design board…such possibilities! Ahhh, Baxter
    you sweet heart…life is good…isn’t it! Lucky kitty…you landed in the best possible


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