Cameron’s Windmills Quilt … Again

Yes, I know this has been shown before but I have it entered in this week’s Quilting Gallery contest which is for hexagons. There are some beautiful quilts entered, so please go have a look and vote for your favourites. Yes, I said favourites as you can vote for two entries this week.

With a little advance planning I was able to get the machine quilting done within a couple of hours and had only 4 thread ends to work in. All straight line quilting, of course, as that’s my skill level when quilting by machine. When I found this flannel a few years ago, I bought enough yardage of it to use as backing for 3 baby quilts.

I’ve found that a 2″ hexagon is perfect for a label as it gives me lots of room to write. I baste the turn-under allowance down as that makes the appliqueing on to the back go very quickly. In this picture it’s ironed to a piece of freezer paper to stabilize it when writing on it.

The quilt was made with “other” half 1″ hexagons which I printed using Inklingo. I love tessellating designs and had started the quilt top long before we knew about the new baby. However, when I learned my cousin’s son and his wife were going to have another baby I knew what this particular UFO was meant to be. Once I made that decision, it only took a couple of weeks to finish piecing it. With a tessellating design like this, there are tons of opportunities for continuous stitching which makes the piecing go very quickly. Of course, using Inklingo to print the shapes on the back of the fabric makes it even faster as there’s no basting over papers and removing them.

The blocks are very quick to make with a simple running stitch. Because of the matching points, there’s no guessing at where exactly the joins should be made. I think I was making upwards of 20 or so of these blocks in an evening and then had the fun of arranging and putting them together into the top. I have lots of them left and plan to make another of these little tessellating quilts at some point.

They press beautifully.

Last night we bought a new vacuum cleaner. Baxter was eyeing the box it’s in, definitely not impressed. He is not a fan of vacuum cleaners at all, but with a long-haired cat a good vacuum cleaner is an absolute must for us.

15 thoughts on “Cameron’s Windmills Quilt … Again

  1. I remember that sweet quilt! Baxter isn’t alone in being cautious about the vacuum cleaner….many years ago we had a cat who used to attack the hose. It was orange and black, and we think she thought it was a snake.


  2. Your quilts are so beautiful. I imagine myself under one and in heavenly sleep,

    Baxter definitely a photo kitty. We invested in a Dyson a few years ago. Keeps a good handle on hair from 3 kitties. Hugs.


  3. I know exactly what you mean about the hair from a long haired cat! Ours is a cream color and sometimes I wonder how he has any hair left 😉 I love all your quilts and just wish I was as dedicated at getting them done as you are. I’m “SloQuilter”. Thanks – I love your blog.


  4. Go Inklingo quilts! I am sure Cameron is still enjoying the quilt. Quilts are thoughtful and “forever” gifts. Baxter is probably braver than Renegade. My 85 pound chocolate lab runs from the vacuum cleaner but don’t you dare let a squirrel get in the yard!


  5. Just voted. It was EASY to vote for yours. It’s a beauty. It was fun to see all of the variations on the theme. Did you see the free-standing flowers? I thought that was a clever way to introduce English paper piecing without a huge commitment.


  6. I found your blog through the quilting gallery contest……lovely quilt, and I like the idea of using a hexagon-shaped plate as a label template. Best of luck on the contest!


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