Happy Hexagons

Having shown Cameron’s Windmills again seems to have piqued my interest in working with those little half hexagons once more. So out came some 1″ white on white hexagons I’d printed ages ago and I made these two little blocks.

They took only a few minutes each to make and, as I finger press as I stitch them, only a second to press.

I’m going to print and add 1″ white equilateral triangles to the pinwheels and then use them along with the new hexagon/half hexagon blocks and perhaps something else, just for fun, and put together something. I don’t have any idea how large this will end up or when it will get finished. I knew that box full of half hexagons was going to eventually come in handy. For now, I’ll just make blocks periodically and when I think there are enough I’ll play with a setting.

We were out running errands on Saturday and oh, how the temperature had changed. And even more so last night! It was cold and windy but it appears, if our forecast is right, that this colder weather isn’t going to last long and we’ll be back to the warm weather within a few days. I hope they’re right as the tulips are coming up, the daffodils are about to bloom and the crab apple trees are starting to get their leaves.

One of the errands was to pick up a new keyboard for my Mac. I had literally almost worn the L and N keys out. A lot of the letters on the keys were worn off, but the keys themselves being worn out? And only those two? I’ve had some fun thinking about what on earth I use those keys for so much that they were getting worn right out.

When we’re taking photographs of the little quilt blocks, we usually have a board propped up on the chair Baxter has claimed as his own. And most of the time he then jumps up and wiggles his way under the board. Sometimes he peeks out. Mr. Q.O. captioned this shot, “Is that thing gone yet?”

Other times, he’ll be right under the board but one paw will come up and he’ll try to grab whatever is on there.  Mr. Q.O.’s caption for this shot is, “I’ll wait here until it’s gone.” I think it should be more like, “Put that block closer to the edge, please.”

12 thoughts on “Happy Hexagons

  1. Love the hexie blocks! Great variations. Too funny about your keyboard. Of course you now have me looking at mine. They all look pretty equally worn with the exception of one spot on my spacebar. Love the last shot of Baxter… the last paw!


  2. Funny…..the N key is worn on ours, and the backspace key squeaks! Cute little hexies, they will make a sweet quilt. Baxter is smiling today, love that little paw poking up.


  3. I love those little blocks! And I think Baxter is truly just trying to help by holding the board so it doesn’t fall and if you would let him hold the quilt blocks, he’d be even happier!


  4. That is a wierd combo of keys to wear out.
    Love the pics of Baxter as always. I think the caption of the second one should be “it’s up there somewhere, I know it” 🙂


  5. I love your version of “I’m working on X without distraction until it’s finished” 😉
    Love the pics of Baxter as always. But I think the caption on the second photo should read “it’s up there somewhere, I know it” 🙂


  6. The little hexie blocks are very cute. I look forward to seeing what the quilt looks like.
    The caption for the last photo should be ” the grey PAW strikes again!!”


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