Drunkard’s Trail

Yet another project in a box, although this box is anything but full. The pieces are so tiny that it would take hundreds of them to fill this box.

Lots of the shapes are printed on fabrics but yet to be cut out. Clearly there will be more than enough for quite a few small quilts. I did cut out a few more of each shape on the weekend to add to the stacks in the box.

Seven of the 2″ blocks are stitched together and four of those seven are joined. I’m planning on making this first mini quilt 8″ x 10″ finished size. I have an idea for it but until it’s finished and I’m satisfied with how it looks, I’m not making the final decision on that plan. I do know how I’m going to quilt it – I’ll follow the trail through the piece.

Two more blocks are laid out, ready to stitch. They’re fun and super quick to stitch as the seams are so short. I think it takes longer to cut them out than it does to stitch them.

Today’s Baxtertoon is dedicated to our friends in Georgia and Florida who are being so severely affected by the storm.

He was very busy last night playing with his toys and generally rampaging about. We were lucky to get a shot of him sitting still!

6 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Trail

  1. Mr QO is developing quite a reputation with his drawings. I hope you are saving them for future publication. He may be our next syndicated columnist….along with Baxter, of course.


  2. Ahoy, mate!~ Clear skies here this morning in S.E. GA. YAY! I think it’s finally blown out to sea…It was quite a slow moving storm and really dumped a lot of rain. We are safe and dry, but I’m glad to know that a little COGNAC will be coming in the future. 🙂 Oh my gosh, this is the cutest cartoon EVER!~ lol
    Mr. Q.O. is so talented. I think he should submit his drawings to a publication…
    I love these tiny blocks. It is so very Victorian looking, to me. So pretty!


  3. Thank you Baxter and Mr. Q.O. for your best wishes. I’m in SW Florida in Naples and we were lucky to only have 3 tornados that didn’t do too much damage and some
    very beneficial rains. My thoughts go out those up around Cedar Key in Northern FL. But today the sun is back out.

    Love those teeny drunkards paths. My goodness, I don’t think I’d ever attempt anything that small.


  4. You know, Cathi, every time you show those *tiny* Drunkard’s path blocks,it refuels my desire to make some of my own. Maybe when I complete my stars quilt, the granny squares quilt I’m making for my best friend, and a couple other things I promised myself I’d complete this year. Also, maybe not-so-tiny for me, although one never knows, no? 🙂


    • Cathi, i love your progress on your quilts and your lovely pictures of Baxter, but what I really love now are the Baxtoons..they are just a hoot..so when will there be a little comic strips in The Star I think Mr Q should submit and put them in


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