A Year Ago Tonight

A year ago tonight we brought home a tiny 10 week-old kitten who weighed all of 2.5 pounds and could be held in one hand. He quickly made himself at home and was stretched out on the couch the first night.  Not shy at all!

He sprawled out anywhere he wanted.

And was very interested in all quilt-related things. Curling up by the quilt hoop, near the quilt rack and running off with little pieces of fabric have been favourite escapades.


He loves to help Mr. Q.O. with his crosswords.

He has a wonderfully funny way of drinking, which is even more pronounced now. We are going to get a new video of him drinking soon.

The blue and white quilt quickly became “his” quilt on which he loves to perch on top of the  couch.

He has inspired Mr. Q.O.’s frequent Baxtertoons.


In other words, it has been a year of nothing but fun watching him grow from that little ball of fluffy grey kitten into this magnificent cat. We are so glad that he’s here sharing our home and entertaining us with his daily antics.

24 thoughts on “A Year Ago Tonight

  1. I have just loved learning about Baxter . . .he is the neatest cat I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing him! I want one just like him! Pat


  2. He certainly is magnificent! Fomr 2.5 pounds to ?? Will he outweigh the 31 pound cat that was destined to be the largest house cat that was shown on the internet lately?


  3. Congratulations on a fun year. It’s been a blast watching him grow. All those Baxtertoons would make a great children’s book. He would have an interesting signature, I’m sure. Thank you for all your posts. You have a wonderful blog.


  4. Baxter is easily my favorite cat. I went and watched the drinking video once again. I love it! Happy Anniversary guys!!! (loving the Baxtertoons) what a riot!


  5. I, too, am curious about his weight now, & if he is full grown yet? I think I remember you posting it would take longer than a year? Love his pics & watching his progress! He sure is a beauty & looks like a lovely companion to have around the house…. Enjoy him all you can!…


  6. AWWWW! Happy Anniversary to Baxter and to you and Mr Q. O. Kitty Baxter has certainly been entertaining all of us 🙂 So handsome! Looking forward to the new video of him drinking… LOL Bunnyhugs Elly


  7. Baxter is just the kind of guy I like — incredibly handsome, with a touch of goofiness. If I were a cat, I would definitely want to be adopted by you and Mr. Q.O.


  8. AAAAAhhhh… Look at that teeny, tiny little kitten. So precious. Even his soft gray coloring is precious. I can’t believe how quickly the year has passed and it’s been great fun watching him grow. Thank you for sharing him with us. Now, we are enjoying his adventures in the Baxtertoons!~


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