Little Stars

Yes, it’s another project in a box. This looks like, and is, a small box but each of the glassine envelopes in there contains enough pieces for multiple stars. This project box came out on the weekend and I made three of the little black stars.

They will all be either black stars with white setting pieces, like the finished one in this shot, or white stars with black setting pieces. And they’re small. The diamonds are .75″ diamonds. For now, I’ll just make little stars every now and then and eventually there will be enough of them to put a small top together. There’s something immensely satisfying about putting together one of these little stars. They’re so tiny and just plain fun!

Yesterday I was making salad. Baxter was determined to try to get some of the romaine lettuce I was washing. After checking to make sure it’s okay, we gave him some and he just wolfed it down.

Earlier in the day he had been posing very prettily for the camera.

6 thoughts on “Little Stars

  1. Black stars, how nice!
    Veggies for Baxter, he needs his greens! My cats prefer grass, birds, mice, and once in a while a small frog, from their regular cat food! 🙂


  2. We never think about cats eating greens, just bunnies, but I’m sure that in the wild they eat a large variety of things. Your stars do sound mighty tiny!!


  3. I love the fabrics in these little stars. Look at the little bones and music!~ Love your organization. Well, my pups eat grass every now and then and I mix peas and carrots in with their chicken and rice sometimes. Now Baxter has a new healthy treat to look forward to!


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