Tiny Drunkard’s Trail

Ten more little 2″ drunkard’s trail blocks were made last night for the mini quilt. There are only 3 left to make. With any luck I’ll have those finished tomorrow night and may even get the little top stitched together.

Although, looking at this, I have an idea I’ll be playing with placement for a while before stitching them together.

It has a possible name – “Twisted Pathways”.

The most important thing I’ve learned making these blocks is that a very fine heirloom thread, like this one, in an off white or even beige, works like a charm. I normally match my thread colour to the fabric I’m stitching, but I didn’t have a fine enough rose one and this beige just melted into the seams. I used #12 sharps as my pins and took the tiniest stitches I could. Would I have made this without having the shapes printed on the fabric using the Inklingo Drunkard’s Trail collection? Not a chance. These pieces are so tiny that precision really counts and I don’t think there is any other way to get this kind of precision so effortlessly.

Will I make more? You bet! They are really fun to make. It’s almost instant gratification when a 2″ block composed of 5 pieces is stitched together in just a few minutes.

They press perfectly. I am going to go through and grade the little seams, which I expect will take no time at all, once the last 3 blocks are finished.

It was so hot here yesterday that it felt like the tropics. We were almost expecting to see palm trees which is what inspired today’s Baxtertoon.

Baxter doesn’t like it when we go out. When Mr. Q.O. is home, Baxter is often seen guarding his shoes hoping, I think, to stop Mr. Q.O. from putting them on to go out.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Drunkard’s Trail

  1. Nice name for your blocks! I’m sure you’ll have them done tonight and then on to…….?? the Red and White borders?? I’m waiting on the “ta da”! moment on that marvelous quilt!


  2. Hello Cathi….it is hot here as well. Super hot!!!! I am planted inside with AC!
    Anyhoo, “Twisted Pathways” is a perfect name for your drunkards’ path quilt. The way one can make precision pieced tiny blocks is to paper piece them. Just saying…lol. and I do love to paper piece. Maybe I’ll do a paper piecing drunkards path next week, just to be sure and then blog about it…lol.
    Stay cool cats!! love Baxter in his shades! Ha ha ha…so funny!


  3. I so love my ring pincushion like yours, which you kindly sent to me. Thank you so much Cathi! It is so handy and the thread is like butter!
    Love the name of this little quilt and all the fabrics make me think of a Victorian Twisted Patshway with beautiful ladies strolling down it, admiring the flowers.
    That Baxter sure cracks me up. He is one smart kitty.


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