Tiffany Lamp Quilt Blocks 18 and 19

I think this will be block 18.

And this block 19.

Pressed nice and flat.

But having had another look at them all, I’m now thinking that some of these are going in the group for the third New York beauty quilt and that the Tiffany Lamp group still needs a few more to have the 20 blocks I had planned for it. If I can put up some sort of design wall this weekend I’ll put the blocks up, have a good look and make a decision. It’s no hardship as I’d happily make NYB blocks for a long, long time!

Last night I finished making the little 2″ Drunkard’s Trail blocks. Today I’ll make up a little design board and start playing with the layout as I’d like to have the quilt top together and the quilting started before the weekend is out. What else do I want to do this weekend? The tutorial for the NYB blocks and put the borders on the red and white quilt. That may be biting off a bit too much, but I’m going to give it a good try. First thing I’m going to do is the red and white. Then the little Drunkard’s Trail. This may work out well as I don’t like using the sewing machine at night which means the red and white gets done during the day and the 2″ Drunkard’s Trail will be done by hand in the evening.  So I could conceivably get both of those done in one day/evening.  Maybe.  Then the tutorial for the NYB on another day. Writing it all out makes it seems as though it is all doable this weekend.

Today is supposed to be incredibly hot and humid. Baxter was dreaming of a cooler place, it seems, in this Baxtertoon.

A Baxter portrait shot. He’s looking very much like a grown-up kitty in this one!

10 thoughts on “Tiffany Lamp Quilt Blocks 18 and 19

  1. Loving the blocks! Look forward to the tutorial, I am sure you will get it done. Cute cartoon by Mr. QO although I can’t say that I am dreaming of the cold… I love the heat!


  2. That is what is nice about making 2 quilts from the blocks. What doesn’t fit in one will work in the other. Have fun with the many designs it will create in the layouts.


  3. You can send Baxter to me……it’s cold here, I’m sure his fur coat would keep him warm! Your three NYB quilts will be very pretty, just imagine them hung on the wall as a group.


  4. Those blocks are wonderful! So many things to decide! But you’ll get them figured out! Or Baxter will help you!
    Baxtertoon…is he wearing cashmere? Funny!
    And that picture shows he is all grown up! Mentally I think he’ll always be a kitten in his playful ways!


  5. Okay, that does it. Baxter in an Eskimo coat is just too funny–and very creative! Your husband is so fun with those drawings! I love all your NYB’s, I might add! 🙂


  6. I am still laughing at today’s “Eskimo Baxter”, he’s very “BaxterEsk”. Get it? (whooo who whaaaaaa sound in bkgd).
    I love these blocks, nice seeing them all together. gosh, that is a lot of work that you have put into this quilt, it sure is going to be beautiful. Don’t you wish you had more hands sometimes? Just enjoy the process…


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