44 Little Blocks

This was the result of more play time on the weekend. In just a few hours, I had 44 more of the 2″ Drunkard’s Path blocks stitched to add to the growing stack. I’ve now passed the halfway mark – 453 done and 379 left to make.

It barely looks like I’ve made a dent in the shapes printed and ready to stitch. But I have. I had the last of the muslin shapes cut out and waiting for there to be room in the box. Now everything I need to finish piecing the little blocks is all in one spot.

It’s supposed to be horribly hot and humid here today with a humidex of 42C. I have to go out as I have an appointment but, assuming I haven’t melted into a puddle, I will start working on the tutorial for the New York Beauty blocks this afternoon.

Who knows what friends are going to show up in the Baxtertoons! I still have a few balls of yarn left over from my knitting days which was what, I think, inspired this one.

Baxter takes his duties as a quilter’s cat quite seriously. He was helping arrange the blocks – getting ready to grab a block or two, which he did a few seconds after this shot was taken. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Here, let me help.”

8 thoughts on “44 Little Blocks

  1. Is Baxter the REAL quilt designer in the family?? 🙂 Cats do like to help, they just can’t sit back and not get involved when it comes to quilt pieces and with that many to play with, he must really have fun!


  2. Cats just gotta have fun!!!! ;-)))) These blocks are so sweet! I think that selection of fabrics will always make me think of house dresses and aprons…and an era of wonderful women!


  3. I just adore the Baxtertoons. The sheep is just wonderful! Baxter is turning into an expert quilter’s cat. Cats have a great sense of design and color and placement LOL!


  4. Baxter is beautiful! Is he a Maine Coon or Russian Forest cat? Just gorgeous. If my memory has not failed, he is “friends” with Patty Skypant’s Bhu. Your little blocks are wonderful. Are you sewing them by hand? I can hardly wait to see the finished result.


  5. Cute little blocks. So HAPPY!~ Looks like Baxter is being a very nice kitty in playing with his friend, the sheep. I don’t think he has a “Baaaaaahhd” bone in his body.
    🙂 He is so darned CUTE!


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