A Pair of Beauties

It felt like ages since I’d made a NYB block so on the weekend I started working on a few more.  This will go in the Tiffany Lamp quilt.

As will this one. One more block for the Tiffany Lamp quilt and the blocks for the first of the series of quilts will be done. I think. I may make it a 25-block quilt, but I’ll decide that once I get the next block done and a temporary design wall up so I can play.

The seams are graded as I’m doing these as I go. I’ve found a really fast way to stitch the NYB blocks and am thinking of doing a tutorial. I think it takes me longer to choose the fabrics for each block than it does to stitch them.

I was set up to cut the red and white fabrics for the borders of the red and white quilt but decided to first cut a few more batiks to print shapes for the Monet NYB blocks. I had just changed the blade in my rotary cutter. Started to cut and kept getting an extra very tiny sliver, basically not more than an extra thread, that was being cut. I thought perhaps it was a bad blade and decided to change it again. Then I realized I had put two blades on the rotary cutter. At that point I figured I should leave the cutting for another day. But this week the red and white top will be finished.

Once the red and white is done, the next up for concentrated work will be the Pickled Ladies. I’ve decided on a border treatment and got my window templates ready for it as it will involve some fussy cutting/printing as well. I’m very excited about how it’s going to look and plan to start the fussy cutting/printing this week.

Our weekend was glorious and warm. Saturday afternoon I spent some time out on the roof garden reading under a tree. It was wonderful as there was a fabulous breeze that kept the heat from feeling too oppressive.

“Is that what you’re making?”

This is one of my favourite shots of Baxter so far.

9 thoughts on “A Pair of Beauties

  1. Good morning! Those blocks are simply marvelous. While I’ve not yet started any of the inklingo blocks, I continue to enjoy your progress. Two blades, eh…lol. Hey, wouldn’t that be something if one could cut double the fabric with each single cut?
    Hello Baxter! Have a better day today!


  2. Oh dear…..two blades! At that point I would have given up and gone to bed. Baxter looks very handsome and alert today, probably keeping a check on your block tally.


  3. Two blades – you are smart to walk away, that is a SIGN! I’ve never had luck pushing on when I hit a “challenge” or goof – smart move to just leave it for another day.
    Add me to the people who would love to see a tutorial!


  4. i love your pickled clamshells—-i recognized all the Robyn Pandolph fabrics you used.
    I intend to start one soon and I will use many of the fabrics I see in your quilt. Please
    share with us your way of finishing it!!! Joylene in California


  5. These blocks are so beautiful Cathi! I love the bright, cheerful fabrics and look at those points! Loving the Baxtertoons. Your two blades sounds like something I would do, glad you stopped after that. Smart.


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