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Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

It’s Quilting Gallery’s 5th birthday! Help Quilting Gallery celebrate by taking part in the birthday celebration blog hop. There are over 150 bloggers participating, each with a giveaway just in time for Christmas! You can click on the logo above or click this link to be taken to the list of the participating blogs, which will be available early on December 10, 2012.

Thank you for visiting Quilt Obsession. I’m Cathi and I live in Toronto, Canada with Mr. Quilt Obsession  and our wonderfully funny cat, Baxter, a Maine Coon.

If you’ve visited Quilt Obsession before, you know I have an incurable (and happily so) case of quilter’s ADD because I have so many projects on the go. I frequently hear from quilters who wonder how I get so much done. My “secret” is printing the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.


Pickled Ladies is one of my favourites. I’ve been working on it since this picture was taken, so it is much larger now. I’m very excited about the border blocks, so I hope you’ll come back to see the whole top. The shapes are printed and ready to sew, so I expect to finish it early next year.


New York Beauty blocks fascinate me, and having the lines printed on the fabric ensures I get great results no matter what fabrics I use. Of course, that’s the problem – I’ve started a few colourways! These are just the beginnings, but I’m leaning towards making a series of wall hangings with 6″ blocks. I have boxes of the fabric pieces printed, cut and ready to stitch for the Tiffany Lamp and Monet variations.


Miniatures are another favourite. I printed diamonds, triangles and squares to make these tiny 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars. The blocks went together quickly – just one load of stitches on the needle for each seam. It will be a bed runner (7.5″ x 22.5″) for a friend who has a four-poster doll bed.


Another of my miniatures uses 2″ Drunkard’s Path units. I need 832 units to make a replica of a quilt I love. I only have 193 units left to stitch, but these go together so quickly that I might make mine a larger quilt. The curves are an absolute dream to stitch.

So what’s the giveaway? I haven’t forgotten! Keep reading if you like hexagons.


When I began quilting years and years ago, I started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden using English Paper Piecing. The appeal wore off quickly. I want my fabric to feel like fabric when I’m stitching, not paper, and I sure don’t want to hear my fabric crinkling! That project lived in the closet for years, like many other EPP GFG UFOs around the world (English Paper Pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden UnFinished Objects).


I’m finishing it now, thanks to  Inklingo and, in particular, Inklingo hexagons. I felt great when I realized I could print the .75″ hexagons and sew with an ordinary running stitch. No more painstaking whip-stitching, no paper, no basting or gluing. I’ve added one section so far, so this long-neglected GFG is finally going to be completed.

Whether you have an EPP GFG UFO or just want to make a hexagon quilt, if you win, you can do it with Inklingo, some freezer paper and your ordinary inkjet printer. Print the shapes on the wrong side of the fabric with ink that won’t show in the finished quilt. Cut the hexagons several layers at a time with a rotary cutter or cut with scissors. There are tiny hexagons with .25″ sides and huge hexagons with 3″ sides (6″ across from point to point!) and everything in between.

This is a great video on how to piece hexagons by hand. All of my GFG flowers, because of course I just had to make one in every size (remember, quilters’ ADD) up to the 1.25″ size were done by hand.

This one is fabulous on how to piece hexagons by machine. My first love is hand piecing, but I sew larger hexagons by machine (the 1.5″ size and up). After watching the video, it was no problem at all.

The prize in the giveaway is a gift certificate for any Inklingo hexagon shape collection. You choose the size. To enter, leave a comment to let me know your favourite size BEFORE 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 16, 2012.

The winner will be announced on Monday, December 17 on the blog and will be able to download the prize instantly from anywhere in the world. Even better, the Inklingo Hexagon Quilt Design Book is free with any hexagon shape collection, so you will be able to download it too.


Just for fun I lined up one of each hexagon on the design wall, all 11 sizes of them (hexagons are always named by the length of a finished side) – 0.25″, 0.375″, 0.50″, 0.625″, 0.75″, 1.0″, 1.25″, 1.50″, 2.0″, 2.25″ and 3.0″.


For more fun I just put the .25″ and 3″ ones side by side. Talk about going from tiny to huge!


And then the flowers in each size — again just for fun.


For fun I put a flower made with the .25″ hexagons beside one made with the 3″ ones. It’s hard to decide. The flowers made with .25″ hexagons go fast because each tiny seam is just 3 stitches. The flowers made with the 3″ hexagons go fast because, well, they’re huge and you can sew them by machine.

I’m glad my giveaway is open to everyone because there are no issues with international shipping, you will have your prize immediately and there are no special requirements. While I’d love it if you decide to subscribe to my blog (see the subscribe by e-mail button at the right) so you can see the next photo of my Pickled Ladies quilt and the daily Baxtertoons, it is not a requirement. While you are waiting for the winner to be announced, you can start printing on fabric now, if you want to. There are free shapes, so you don’t have to buy anything. Please tell them I sent you!


Baxter and his pals are celebrating Quilting Gallery’s birthday by having some catnip cake.


Earlier in the afternoon we could tell he was plotting something – just from the look on his face.

Don’t forget, go here to see the list of other participating bloggers!

94 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Quilting Gallery

  1. Inklingo is a great concept. I would love to have the large 3.0″ hexies to show off some large-scale prints in my stash! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. What a wonderful giveaway Cathi!~ Well, for me, I like the 2″. However, I’d love to eventually try them ALL!~ Cute little doll bed runner!~ So, so tiny! I love your Pickled Ladies photo. That Baxter is just too precious. Catnip Cake… lol
    HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Quilt Gallery!~ 🙂


  3. I’d love to try out the 2 inch hexagons. I’m not sure how you keep you eyesight with those tiny ones!! Thanks for the giveaway. I love seeing all the Inklingo projects you do. What talent!


  4. 1.25 inch hexies (finishes at 1 inch?)
    I’ve attempted to download from Ink Lingo before so could see what it was about — and it didn’t work, so if win, hope someone can hold my hand through the process.
    I love hexies.


  5. Oh I love to do EPP. I’m going to check out Inklingo for sure. I’m making my grandson a small quilt with EPP using the 1 1/2″ templatrs. I want to try just alittle smaller now like the 1″, one inch.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.



  6. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years. Infact, your blog is part of my end of the work day relaxation time. It motivates me to quilt in the evening.




  7. Great show and tell.
    I’ve been thinking of trying inklingo for a while. That german hexagon quilt I shared a little while ago really had me thinking that maybe it was time to buy some. Well, and a printer. But I held off because I really shouldn’t start it just yet. So I’m not sure whether I want to win this giveaway or not – it could be a bad influence 🙂 But thanks for the chance


  8. If I have to pick a favorite, I guess I will go with the .75″ hexagon. I love the tiny ones, but if I make a large quilt someday, I would use a little larger size and .75″ or 1″ looks good.
    I do subscribe and get your posts directly in my email box, it’s great!


  9. What a wonderful visual of the world of hexagons and Inklingo!! Amazing that you have flowers of each size!! 🙂 Catnip cake sounds like a perfect way for Baxter to celebrate!!


  10. I have tried english paper piece hexagons but wasn’t happy sewing them together. Would be great to try them using Inklingo. I think the 3″ size would be a good start to learn the technique.


  11. I’ve never heard of such a thing. This is one place I’ve never gone before. I don’t even know a good size to pick…maybe 3-4″? What’s good for a beginner? Thank you.


  12. Cathi,
    Your blog is always so much fun! I am very intimidated by GFG. I have a top my Grandmother pieced that is probably 2″ size hexagons. I would think that Inklingo would make GFG a potential success for me. I love all the sizes but am always drawn to miniture quilts. If I did win I’d probably try the smallest hexies or maybe the size that finishes to .50″. Would that be the .75″? Yes, I’d pick .75″! Blog on!


  13. I would love to give Ink Lingo. Right now I am making 1 ” hexies with EPP. I think I’d like to play with a different size. Love your Pickled Ladies and New York Beauties. They are both beauties!


  14. Cathi,
    Hi,my favorite hexagon is all of them,but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the .5″ size as I like to make miniature quilts as well as big quilts. Inklingo and your blog is AWSOME. I am a true follower of your blog,look forward to it every day!! :)! Happy Birthday Quilt Gallery!! Baxter is an awsome cat!!
    Peggy S
    Spokane WA


  15. Hmm, this is a tough choice. I am experimenting with miniatures and the .25 looked intriguing, however, I do not have small fingers…so might be inclined to go a little bit bigger. 🙂


  16. Amazing Quilts.Since I have only admired Hexagon quilts and keep saying I am going to make one I think I would start with the 3″ one.


  17. I’ve only done larger sizes – 9″ and up. But I love miniatures so I really should get brave and start something tiny. Thanks for the chance to win!


  18. I think 2″ would be a good size for me 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your pickled ladies and New York Beauty finished. I have a New York Beauty in the works right now with greens and purples.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com


  19. I love this idea and I think that i would go with a 1″ hexagon. I am not sure why but I like the idea of small hexagons but not so small that I am dropping them.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. I will definitely start saving so I can buy their product (if I don’t win)


  20. That’s handy. I’m still handsewing hexies, but I haven’t sewn so many yet that it has lost it’s appeal. As you say, the time will come, and then Inklingo is really welcome!

    Thanks for introducing the sistem and for the giveaway!


  21. I am not sure if this one from them counts – the 90° HEXAGON – 1.5 INCH, I’ve never seen anything like that (I’ve been paper piecing 1″ hexies for a couple months now, I’m not too fond of the crinkling either!) Thank you for the giveaway!


  22. Ok, I am still trying to absorb all of this…what I did get is that you are a quilt Ninja master (especially with tiny and difficult pieces). I will study on the Inklingo concept. I love the baby drunkards path and all the hexies. I would pick the largest hexie to start my hex future.


  23. I love the idea of printing the shapes onto the fabric… though the dinky hexagons? not so sure… :-} I will obviously be following your progress from now on though x Janey x


  24. Seriously! You have read my mind. I have a quilt that I would like to make that calls for 20,000 1/2″ hexies. That’s a lot of tracing and cutting. It is in my to do file. I had not heard Inklingo until I started reading your blog so now I am super intrigued!


  25. I love Inklingo as well. I just don’t seem to get near as much done as you! I have tried several of the hexagon sizes and I enjoy them all (not so much the .25, it’s so tiny!!!!) Thanks for the give-away!


  26. Cathi – I am now a big fan of Inklingo because of your blog. I have made the most lovely quilts from thier patterns, including a cherished Storm at Sea that I highly recommend as it makes that pattern much easier to plan, cut and sew. I do not have the Hexagons but you have convinced me to try them – but not too small, I am a machine sewer so 3″, please. I do so enjoy reading your blog, particularly Baxters antics and Smudge before him, it is in my daily routine.


  27. I enjoyed watching your machine sewing hexies and would love to try for myself. Happy holidays and thanks sew much for this chance to win 🙂


  28. Wow if ever something was invented for me this is it. As my hands are very shaky and it is always very hard for me to trace shapes out. I woule love the 2.5 inch size if I was the winner of this fabulous to die for gift. I am gonna run straight over their to Ink Lingo and check them out.


  29. Isn’t Inklingo great? Such a good idea for hand OR machine stitching! I would probably go for the 1″ size. That would be large enough to show a nice print, but still small enough to be able to use a lot of charm squares. 🙂


  30. I always love seeing your pickled ladies, Cathi! Thanks for joining the hop. I would like to have the 5/8″ hexagons. Truthfully, I like it even smaller, but I’m being reasonable, LOL!


  31. Interesting – I learn something each time I visit a new blog! I think the 1″ or slighty bigger would be what i like… though I’ve never done any hexagons!


  32. For me, I would love the half inch ones so I could start on the Insanity quilt. Using Inklingo would be so much better I think. I have done the paper way and it is hard on my hands. Thank you for the giveaway.


  33. Great giveaway! I love hexies! Inklingo looks like it would be great. I would like the
    0.75 inch hexies, if I won. Thanks for the chance to win!



  34. I keep looking at inklingo, but haven’t ever tried it…maybe it’s time. After reading your post, I think I may have to at least try it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway…what quilter doesn’t make a hexagon, at least once in her life??


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