19 More Little Blocks


After that marathon of stitching hexagon flowers of many sizes, I needed some nice relaxing curved piecing to do so that’s what I worked on last night – and got 19 more of the little Drunkard’s Path units done. Only 174 more to stitch to get to the required 832.


The box of shapes yet to be stitched is still pretty full. Clearly I have more than the 174 more I’ll need, so I am thinking that I’ll make the quilt slightly larger. Each of the little stacks in the box has the pieces for at least 60 or 70 more units. I have the fabric for the plain border set aside, just waiting for this one and I think I already have a binding made that will work.


The artiste is back, working on another self-portrait.


Baxter was very busy inspecting the blocks.

13 thoughts on “19 More Little Blocks

  1. Only 174 out of 832 sounds like you’ll whip those out in no time!
    Baxter is becoming quite the Rockweller! I can just imagine oil paints all over those paws! He could make his own fabric designs while strolling over fabric.


  2. I love your tiny Drunkard’s Path blocks — 30s prints look perfect in this pattern. The Baxtertoons just get better and better, and I love that Cappy is always in the picture. There certainly is a lot of talent in the Q.O. family!


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