New & Old Project Possibilities


The new project may be a riot of flying geese made with some of these 5″ charms which I’ll probably pair with muslin. I have loads and loads of charms, all pre-washed and ready to be used. They’ll have to be pressed and likely cut down a wee bit as, after washing, they are no longer square, but an idea has been lingering in my mind that making a quilt of geese flying every which way just might be fun. The question for me is how tiny I make the geese. I’d love to do a miniature one using Inklingo HSTs and the method on pages 10 and 11 of this Inklingo Triangle Tips pdf to make them.


The old project is what the charms are sitting on in the picture above. I pieced this with equilateral triangles years and years ago. I even pieced it on the machine. It’s been folded up and set aside for a long time and while it needs a good press I’m thinking that I will take this apart and start over. I’m contemplating making a small quilt. I didn’t enjoy piecing these  but that was one of my very first forays into machine piecing. I think I’ve had enough experience on the machine now that I might be able to make a go of it.


There are certainly enough of the triangles in this bag to make a lap quilt and then set it aside for a gift. These are not my favourite colours by any stretch so if I do decide to work on this it will be by machine so that I can get it done quickly and not have to work with them for too long. But I don’t want to waste all those triangles either. This may be a project for the new year.


“Artiste, A Self-Portrait” is today’s Baxtertoon.


Thursday afternoon he was surveying his kingdom from the top tier of his kitty tree.

5 thoughts on “New & Old Project Possibilities

  1. When you use your machine, do you use your Featherweight? Cant wait to see what you make, i think muslin is a good idea. The triangles are very pretty. I know they may not be your favorite colors, but it will be pretty. Baxtee should sell tshirts with his self portrait on it!


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