Beginnings of a Little Quilt

Last weekend, a new Inklingo collection was released – Inklingo Spool or Japanese X (Beyer 186-2 and Brackman 1970). It’s a fabulous collection with combo pages one can use to print all the shapes for a block on each fabric. So I picked out 12 fabrics and printed one combo sheet on each. Then I started playing. And playing. I decided to change the fabric placement slightly for these blocks. I’m only making 12 and have the border fabric picked out already. It will be a small doll or teddy bear quilt. And it has very, very low contrast. I think a brighter one may be in my future after I get this small one made.

The first block I made.

The second.

The two side by side.

I’m grading the seams as I go so that when the twelve blocks are done, it will simply be a matter of sewing them together and then adding the small border. While I hand pieced the first two blocks, I’m thinking of machine piecing the remaining ones. I’d like to get this done quickly. Might even try to finish them off this weekend … by machine. Because I do so little machine piecing, I’ve never invested in a decent chair to use at the sewing machine. Rather, I have an old wooden straight chair. If doing these little blocks convinces me to do more machine sewing, I foresee a trip to Staples to find an appropriate chair for use at the sewing machine. Preferably a pink one.

Today’s Baxtertoons is taken right from the headlines. I think the ‘toon tells the story without anything needed from me. Had me laughing out loud when I first saw it.

Baxter loves his yogourt treat. Really loves it when Mr. Q.O. patiently feeds him his treat by spoon as he sits on top of his kitty tree. This photo cracks me up. As Mr. Q.O. fed him, I just kept snapping shots and got lucky and got this one.

12 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Little Quilt

  1. I love your blog posts Cathi! How are you pressing the blocks to join them? Do you alternate the seams so the blocks lock together? You know those could almost be butterfly blocks! Oh, and what flavor yogurt does Baxter like, I was going to try some soft ice cream for Lola, but maybe yogurt might be better lol. I just love keeping you on your toes! lol


  2. Really pretty blocks Cathi πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing them in a top πŸ™‚ I had a good laugh over the Baxtertoon! and the little cute kitty tongue licking the spoon. LOL.. Elly


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  4. Cute blocks. They would look like little Union Jacks in red, white, & blue.

    This is the funniest Baxtertoon yet!!! Love that Baxter’s “curiosity” led him to Mars LOL!!

    Gomez and Edgar Poe love to “help” me pack yogurt in my lunch during the work week.


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