Case of the Secret Garden – A Finish!


What does a picture of an empty box have to do with a finish? Well, Saturday morning this box was full of the finished blocks from the mystery. By Saturday night, this is what the box looked like – empty. All the blocks were out of the box and sewn into rows. Sunday the rows were sewn together.


And now? Now, the centre of my quilt top from the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt is done. I’ve decided to call it The Walled Garden. Right now it’s 48″ square but it’s going to have a border, which I’ve got planned already, that will turn it into a 60″ square quilt. All it will take now is a little more printing on fabric, a bit of rotary cutting, some fun stitching and then attaching the border to the centre.

The picture was taken indoors at night with a flash. I’m hoping we might be able to get a picture in natural light today, as long as it’s not too windy out on the roof garden.

I’m really surprised at how much of the quilt top I pieced by machine. Almost all the straight seams in it were machine pieced, while I saved the fun curves for hand piecing. Although there were times through the mystery that I thought my fabric choices were not working, I am really glad I stuck with them as I love the final look. I learned so much doing this mystery quilt – rotary cutting curves, that machine piecing really can co-exist in the same quilt top with some hand piecing, and just how much fun a mystery can be.


Baxter the gardener, showing a picture of The Walled Garden to his kitty pals.


This is another of his favourite poses for a snooze in the evening.

14 thoughts on “Case of the Secret Garden – A Finish!

  1. Oh Cathi, it’s beautiful!! Baxter looks like he fell off his scratching box LOL. Is it one of those loaded with catnip?



  2. Your COTSG looks wonderful, Cathi! Can’t wait to see what borders you’ve dreamed up.
    Love the pic of Baxter relaxing… such a cute kitty!


  3. I will look forward to seeing your border. beautiful finish Cathi. I am taking a break now because I am away but will finish up when I get home. I will try to post a picture; another first for me.


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