More from the Pastry Shop

This is such a cheerful piece on which to work at this time of year that I couldn’t resist adding to it.  It’s fast to stitch and makes me smile.  And, as I’m using green as the background, it’s rather fitting to post on St. Patrick’s Day.

The box is full of pieces cut and ready to stitch.  When the contents of the box are all stitched and added to what I’ve already done, the top will be done.  I love having the pieces for blocks all ready as it makes it so easy to choose on which project I want to work.  A little prep work really pays off when I can open a box like this and have lots ready and waiting to be stitched.

The Farmer’s Delight blocks are finished.  I took the last stitch late last night.  Today I’ll press them and start playing with block arrangements and will take a photo of all of them together for tomorrow’s blog post.  I’m already playing with ideas for a border.

Smudge likes having cushions on which to recline.

Lester has a tendency to stare up at the ceiling and seems to wait until I look up to see what he’s looking at — which is always nothing.  I try to not fall for it, but rarely succeed.

Preparing for Next Week’s Piecing

The last of the Farmer’s Delight blocks will be finished this weekend so I decided it was time to get some shapes for other quilts ready.  First up were some more of the shapes I need for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt.  It took only a few minutes to print enough for another 4 blocks.

While I was at it, I decided to print some more shapes for the Pastry Shop quilt. Again, it took only a few minutes and now I have quite a few ready to stitch.  There are, of course, other shapes that are already printed and ready to piece for a few other quilts but this way I have lots of choices.

It was cold again on Thursday and was even snowing a bit.  I keep telling myself it’s March and it can’t last, but it would be nice to see the end of this cold weather.

Smudge didn’t care.  He found a cozy spot to curl up.

As did Lester.

Pickled Ladies and the Pastry Shop

Sounds like a funny book title, doesn’t it?  As it’s time for the February Clamshell Club report, I’m showing the Pickled Ladies that got finished this month.  Not as many as I had hoped, but half a dozen to add to the mix is progress.  To see more clamshell reports from other participants, check in here at Cybele’s Patch to find those links.

On the weekend, a new Inklingo Pies and Tarts collection was released.  While I’ve often thought  the quilt was appealing, there was no way I was going to make anything that required English paper piecing.  Now?  Now I can make it with a simple running stitch and some continuous stitching as I’ve got perfect shapes with stitching lines marked on the back of my fabrics.

Of course, I had to start making some of the blocks and have printed enough shapes now to make a small quilt.  Mr. Q.O. suggested naming it Pastry Shop.  And that’s how the Pickled Ladies have ended up in a post with the Pastry Shop.  The back:

We had yet more snow on the weekend, but it sounds like today we’ll have rain and who knows what else.  I had a migraine Sunday afternoon that was rather nasty, but it lifted as the storm got closer.  The cats decided to find cozy spots to curl up.

Smudge’s new favourite spot is where the heating pad is.

Lester prefers the loveseat.  I think this is one of the best shots of Lester, as it shows how rich the red colour is in his coat.