More from the Pastry Shop

This is such a cheerful piece on which to work at this time of year that I couldn’t resist adding to it.  It’s fast to stitch and makes me smile.  And, as I’m using green as the background, it’s rather fitting to post on St. Patrick’s Day.

The box is full of pieces cut and ready to stitch.  When the contents of the box are all stitched and added to what I’ve already done, the top will be done.  I love having the pieces for blocks all ready as it makes it so easy to choose on which project I want to work.  A little prep work really pays off when I can open a box like this and have lots ready and waiting to be stitched.

The Farmer’s Delight blocks are finished.  I took the last stitch late last night.  Today I’ll press them and start playing with block arrangements and will take a photo of all of them together for tomorrow’s blog post.  I’m already playing with ideas for a border.

Smudge likes having cushions on which to recline.

Lester has a tendency to stare up at the ceiling and seems to wait until I look up to see what he’s looking at — which is always nothing.  I try to not fall for it, but rarely succeed.

17 thoughts on “More from the Pastry Shop

  1. I knew you would be doing those!!! I just knew it!!!! And…..aren’t they ever so pretty!!! I bought the pattern so they are in my future. Making dolls right now and handquilting on my basket quilt. How is hubby doing???


  2. You’ve baked up some great pies and tarts! Your light green is just perfect with those tarts.
    My cats do that too, it’s their way of mind control and it does work for them. You know the saying, “dogs have masters, cats have staff” and they know who the staff is in the household and they have to keep you in their control. 🙂


  3. Don’t you just love what Chartreuse Moose wrote! What a great note. “Tickles my sweet tooth!” 🙂

    This is a really super yummy piece coming together. What perfect colors. Super duper yummy.

    I can’t wait to see the brilliantly radiant Farmer’s Delight blocks. Excitement building.


  4. I think I like the Peach Pies the best. 🙂

    After many years with my kitties…I actually think they’re looking at someone. Lucy is constantly talking to someone down in the basement…so when I go down there to cut my fabric or do laundry I be polite and ask how they are doing today. 🙂 Just in case…one never knows.


  5. ooo so many lovely circles :0) I wish I had your patience for prep work. I can’t get past getting enough done for one block at a time :0)



  6. Dear Cathi, you are right, this is so perfect work for spring time! It’s beautiful! Two days ago our Nelli was also looking up and I thought what she can see there…we had a bird inside the house! It took long time to help her to find a way out and Nelli was all the time looking after where the bird is!
    Have a lovely time! xxx Teje


  7. Lester is looking at invisible cat fairies, our cats see them too…..humans can’t see them, only cats can…….that green background is just perfect for the pies and tarts, isn’t it?


  8. Yes, i agree that this time of the year it is such a pleasure to work with these colors! I too am working with “easter egg” paints.. 🙂
    Enjoyed catching up with you today! Ive not been online in many days, company here and just plain “staying outside playing” here! Xo


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