Farmer’s Delight

All 12 of the blocks on my makeshift design wall.  I’m pretty sure that this is the layout of the blocks I’m going to go with.  I suppose it’s no surprise that I have more pink blocks than any other colour.  There are  4 pink, 3 blue, 3 green and 2 gold.  As it stands now, the top would finish at 45 x 60 which is, I think, a good size for a lap quilt.  Now I’ve got to start thinking of a name for this one.  Usually names for quilts come to me easily, but this one?  Not so easily.  The blocks remind me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on just what that something is.

It won’t take long to join the blocks into rows and then into the top, and then I suppose I’ll make a final decision as to whether I add any border.  My initial thought is no border as I really don’t want to take away from the blocks.  That may change. How to quilt it is another question altogether.

This is the fabric I plan to use for the binding.  It has all the colours that are in the blocks and will frame the quilt.

I’ve finally figured out how I can put up a design wall that’s easily removed and hope to get that organized in the next week or so.  But in the meantime, masking tape and a partial batt work.  It’s far, far better than trying to lay blocks out on the floor with four-footed helpers!

Smudge was back on his pillow, but this time wasn’t looking at the camera.

Lester wasn’t trying to convince me to look up at the ceiling this time.

17 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight

  1. Naming quilts doesn’t come real easy for me either. But I will ponder this one for you. It really looks beautiful!! But I think that a border would be perfect for this one! Possibly 3 stacked borders or something pieced?


  2. The blocks are wonderful Cathi!! No help here for a name. I think they look like those BIG lollypops you would get at the fair :0)



  3. Cathi, those blocks are wonderful – they have such movement! Not sure about borders, that needs some thought…..perhaps some pieced triangles similar to the outer row on the blocks, using the different block fabrics?


  4. Those blocks are wonderful! They look like pieces of Christmas candy to me. My husband said they look like the little “thinking thing” that twirls around when his Apple computer is thinking before coming up with the next link. Can’t think of the word for it(too early in the AM for that).
    You know with those triangle edges, it’s almost like a pickled effect so maybe Pickled Christmas Candy? Ok, I’ll quit!


  5. Hi Cathi,

    Love the quilt. Not sure about borders, but the binding fabric is perfect. It does look like Christmas candy, but in summer colours or something twirling. Have fun playing with it for a day or two.
    Have a great day. Dianne


  6. the word which comes to my mind is whirligig, those toys which are on a pole and turn in the wind. Very colourful. The blocks look pretty and the kitties comfortable.


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
    Reminds me of amish country! They had these Dutch type circles as decorations on their barns…”Springtime in Amish Country”


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