Preparing for Next Week’s Piecing

The last of the Farmer’s Delight blocks will be finished this weekend so I decided it was time to get some shapes for other quilts ready.  First up were some more of the shapes I need for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt.  It took only a few minutes to print enough for another 4 blocks.

While I was at it, I decided to print some more shapes for the Pastry Shop quilt. Again, it took only a few minutes and now I have quite a few ready to stitch.  There are, of course, other shapes that are already printed and ready to piece for a few other quilts but this way I have lots of choices.

It was cold again on Thursday and was even snowing a bit.  I keep telling myself it’s March and it can’t last, but it would be nice to see the end of this cold weather.

Smudge didn’t care.  He found a cozy spot to curl up.

As did Lester.

14 thoughts on “Preparing for Next Week’s Piecing

  1. Hello Cathi! I love to see your projects with small patches! It’s always good to have several projects going on!
    Have a lovely weekend and kisses to your sweet cats!
    xx Teje


  2. What a wonderful picture of your ‘ready’ projects all cut up into piles.
    Do you have several sheets of FP for each shape so that when one comes out the printer you can insert another straight away?
    I tend to use one sheet per shape so have to do a lot of waiting between.
    I love the colours of both your projects.
    bunnyhugs to kitties and roll on summer!! hugs Ellyx


  3. It’s wonderful that you have such a nice variety to choose from. That’s what I need to do, some prep work so I can just pick up when the mood strikes.

    Love Lester’s picture, it’s like he’s showing off that magnificent tail of his LOL.



  4. Wow, you make such quick progress! I hope summer comes soon, not only for some relief from the weather, but so you can have lots of picnics with your summer quilt!


  5. Cathie, in todays blog, you mentioned printing your pieces…I did not understand what you were talking about…did you mean cutting and or using a cutting machine? Thanks for your clarification…peggy


  6. Im sorry it is still cold there. I am sure your spring is right around the corner, i sure hope so! Grewt photos of your babies snd i csnt wsit to wstch another project unfold! Great fun! Hard to believe you sre finishing Farmers Delight already! You re amazing!


  7. Great photos of Lester the Lion, and Smudge with his bear! How are they both doing, they weren’t so well a little while back, were they? Love to see progress on your projects!


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