Planning a Red and White Quilt

These are the fabrics I’ll be using for my red and white quilt.   The red and white quilt will be the next of the two-coloured quilts I want to make.  This one will have to have some curved piecing.  That’s the one thing I’m sure of, but just what it will turn out to be is still up in the air.  As I get closer to finishing the Farmer’s Delight blocks, I’m starting to think about starting this red and white.

When I start thinking about two-colour quilts, I almost always get this book down off the bookshelf and leaf through it.  I love the appearance of two-colour quilts. Eventually I want to do green and white, yellow and white and purple and white quilts as well.

The weekend didn’t turn out as I had planned as I ended up working most of it. Probably just as well as it did nothing but pour down rain on Saturday during the day, which turned to freezing rain at one point and then snow.  Typical March weather.   But Saturday morning I was thrilled to hear some birds out on the roof garden.

The cats decided it was a good weekend to curl up and snooze.  We caught Smudge in the middle of a yawn.

Lester loves to lie with his head on Mr. Q.O.’s foot.  This is a typical pose.

12 thoughts on “Planning a Red and White Quilt

  1. A red and white quilt sounds wonderful to me! When you say two colour quilt, I always have to think of a winding ways quilt.

    Smudge and Lester are Monday Lazy!! So Cute!


  2. You can’t beat a two color quilt! I have Nancy Martin’s book Two-Color Quilts and the cover has the tree of life blocks! Now that’s a lot of piecing! She also has red and white feathered stars, but not a single curve in her book!
    Now if that was one of my cats, the claws and teeth would be in that foot! Such cute cats and Smudge has such nice yawns.


  3. I love the look of two color quilts too. It will be fun seeing what you come up with.

    Mr QO must have wonderful smelling feet LOL.



  4. Cant wait to see this one unfold! Taryn over at Repro Quilt Lover is having a red n white quilt exhibition… 😉
    I can only imagine how gorgeous your quilt will be Cathi!


  5. Hello Cathi! I’m exitied to see how you make your two-colour quilt, because I feel difficult to work only with two colours. I’m making few simple bread basket cloths with red and white. Cats know to enjoy their yawns!
    Have a lovely, creative week! xxx Teje


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