When Rouenneries by French General first came out, I fell in love with it.  Got a couple of charm packs and started making Drunkard’s Path units.

Then I decided I wanted to make a slightly larger quilt and got a couple more charm packs and a bit of yardage.  The charms are all washed and ready to print.  The yardage will be used for the borders and binding.  I’m going to spend some time today printing the shapes on the remaining charms and get them ready to stitch on Wednesday.

Mr. Q.O. is having a minor surgical procedure on Wednesday, so it will be a long day at the hospital.  We were there on Monday for all the pre-op stuff and I was amazed at just how cold it was.  One would think a hospital would be warmer, considering there are patients there.  However, I’m warned now and will be wearing lots of layers on Wednesday.  I took my e-reader with me yesterday and was glad I had, but on Wednesday I plan to stitch and the Drunkard’s Path units are the perfect stitching project.

Lester  was showing us his lion look on Monday.

The light was perfect for this shot of Smudge — all natural light.  I love the fact that each day we have light for a slightly longer time and the light is getting so much better for photographs.

13 thoughts on “Charms

  1. Perfect stitching opportunity. And friend, I’m glad you’re going to have something to keep you occupied while Mr. Q.O. is having his procedure. Don’t forget to keep us updated as thing happen.

    Love that photo of the Lion and happy to read of the extending natural light. I read Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday! Spring Forward with the clocks.


  2. Hello Cathi! I hope everything goes well Wednesday and it’s so good for you to have that lovely stitching to keep you company while waiting!
    That quilt is going to be beautiful!
    Hugs for you and your sweet cats! Teje


  3. Hope all goes well tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers willl be with you.
    French General is the best! Mine is just sitting here waiting for me to do something with it!


  4. Wishing Mr. QO well and saying a prayer foryou both. I know firsthand how hsrd it is to wait…. Yes, layering is a good idea. I wonder why itis so clod?,! There must be a reason. I have to say though, id rather it be cold than hot, but then i remembered thwt you are still in winter!!! I remember how good those hot blankets feel, i always ask for them, they have them here but you have to ask. 😉
    I love those fabrics also! You know, i never did buy any!! Just didnt get around to ordering it, or to a shop seoling it here. 😦 Maybe they will rerelease them since they were so popular? Or have you ever heard of this being done?
    Im glad you have some to “play with!”
    Hi kitty, kitties…. Sweet babies. 😉


  5. I hope your DH’s procedure goes smoothly and he makes a swift recovery.

    I love Rouenneries! Your little blocks are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your quilt grow.

    Great photos of Lester and Smudge!


  6. Lester and Smudge are looking great!! I bet they are waiting for spring squirrels and birds to arrive. Your blocks are going to be beautiful. I just love that fabric line and have a project waiting to be made.


  7. I hope things went well today and that you are both at home and recovering. I’ve been cold as a patient and while waiting. The answer I got was that germs don’t thrive in cold. I guess that is good in a hospital. Prayers that recovery is smooth and quick.


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