Ready to Stitch

A quick half hour or so and this 2.5″ stack of charms was printed with Drunkard’s Path shapes.  They are so amazingly quick to stitch that I’m hoping to have at least 25 or 30 blocks done today.  Maybe even more.

My stitching kit has scissors to cut the shapes, thread snips, needles, my thimble and two colours of thread.  Must remember to toss in a finger pincushion as well — as I cannot stand stitching without it.

It has been a long time since I’ve worked on these, but this is a sample of the blocks I’ve made so far.

By the time this posts (I’m writing it Tuesday evening), we’ll be on our way to the hospital.  We have to be there by 6:30.  6:30???  We’re night owls in the Q.O. household, so 6:30 sounds almost like the middle of the night.  However, a friend assures me there are many people up and about at 6:30 a.m. (this I have to see!) and that they’re even coherent at that hour.  All I’m hoping is that the Tim Horton’s shops in the hospital lobby are open and I can get some coffee when we get there.

I’ll throw my eReader in the bag in the middle of the night morning when we get up so that if the lighting really is not conducive to stitching I can at least read.  I should point out that at that hour it will take us less than 10 minutes to get to the hospital, so we likely won’t even leave here until about 6:10 or so.  That’s a strange hour for a night owl.  Very very strange.  However,  there is a good side to this ridiculously early hour and that is that he’ll likely be ready to come home sometime in the afternoon.

I must remember to leave the television on for the kitties — it’s going to be a long day for them.   Hopefully they just have a nice calm relaxing day and Smudge is like this when we get home.

While Lester is stretched out like this.

15 thoughts on “Ready to Stitch

  1. Dear Cathi! I hope your day is going well!
    Thank you for showing how you have print your patches (what you mean by printing – don’t you draw them by hand). I get very interested because I love those circle patterns! Could it be possible to sew with machine? If you have time could you show also how you sew them! I can’t find any tools here but I could make by myself pattern to draw the lines for cutting the pieces…I’ll need to ‘study’ that a little bit more before beginning.
    Best wishes from Teje


  2. I thought of Mr QO when I first got up at 5am (yes, I LOVE the early hours of the morning LOL). I know all will go well, but prayers have been sent up :0)



  3. What a luscious post. Look at that layout with that fabric. OMG I’m really really seriously lovin’ that. There’s a new line coming out – it’s much darker – but I’m wondering if I should have it to do something like this? …or should I just use the fat 8ths I have? Ohhh I should use what I have. I know. So chatty so early in the morning. See how we are, us early risers.

    Wish you had an iPad because really, we could talk. I always have to wait until lunch time to get any replies and I tell ya, it’s so hard and painful waiting around for my people to wake up!!!

    Lovin’ that relaxed, sprawling photo of the Lion! And… at this point I’m thinking Mr. Q.O. might even be out of his medical procedure maybe? I mean, if he went in at 6:30 he really could be chillin’ out in recovery. Hope you’re not cold tho.


  4. Hope your day is going well…lots of thoughts,prayers and hugs going your way! May the day speed by with all good news and you soon be back in your cozy home stitching again!


  5. Our alarm goes off at 5:15 AM! My husband leaves for work at 6 and I am sewing or quilting a customer quilt by 6:30 or so. Of course we’re sleeping by 9 or 9:30 PM! Haven’t you ever hears the saying, “The early bird gets the worm?” 🙂

    Hope all went well with Mr. O.Q. and the kitties will be waiting for you at home.
    Love the drunkard’s path blocks, that will be an awesome quilt!


  6. I hope all has gone well today with Mr QO’s op. Yes 6.30 am is the middle of the night. It is in this household too. LOL..
    bunny smooches to kitties. Oh and those drunkard’s path blocks are just too delicious! Thanks for showing the printing on the back of the charms. hugs Ellyx


  7. Would you consider doing a tutorial on how you are doing these drunkard path blocks by hand. I know how you do them with a sewing machine but doing them by hand sounds intersting too.


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