Stitching Progress

32 blocks were finished yesterday.  I probably could have stitched more but the lighting was less than wonderful and my eyes were getting a bit tired.  There’s something about stitching these little Drunkard’s Path units that is absolutely irresistible to me.

The back of one of the blocks:

When we got home, I pressed the ones I had stitched and started cutting out more of them.  If I keep stitching at this rate, I’ll have all the little blocks made in no time at all and then can start putting the groupings of 4 blocks together.

Then I was thrilled to find out that there’s now an Inklingo Log Cabin collection. I’ve never wanted to make a log cabin quilt but I think that may have been partially because of the amount of precision rotary cutting that would be involved.  So now I’m contemplating a few ideas for little quilts.  But more than that, I’m thrilled to have the variety of lengths of 1″ rectangles to play with from 1″ x 2″ all the way up to 1″ x 10″.  There are a lot of design possibilities involved with those!  I’ve already got an idea for a stitching book which I hope to get done this weekend.

Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday.  Mr. Q.O. came through with flying colours.  Everything about the day was amazing (well, okay — except for the getting up at 5:00 a.m. part).  He was taken into the pre-op area almost the minute we arrived, a few minutes later I was sitting with him and met the surgeon, the anaesthesiologist, one of the surgical nurses and then the porter came to take him into the O.R. at which point I was sent up to the waiting lounge.  Great volunteers there who kept tabs on who everyone was and for which patient they were waiting and who would, the minute they got calls from the O.R., immediately come over to tell those waiting how their relative was.  By 9:30 I was on my way up to the short stay floor as he was already there and eating breakfast.  His nurse on the short stay floor was an absolute gem.  By shortly after 4:00 we were home.  I’m glad we got home when we did as it was getting rather nasty outside and the roads were icy from the snow/rain combination that had begun to fall earlier in the afternoon.  I may do moan about our climate, but I wouldn’t trade it for a second if it meant giving up our marvelous health care system.

For the record, getting up at 5:00 is not something I want to repeat very often. Drinking coffee at 5:30 a.m. is a rather futile endeavour for me – I don’t even remember the taste of it, as I think I was a walking zombie at that hour!  While there were some people out and about at 6:30, there were nowhere near as many as I had been led to believe.  Perhaps in the summer, when the weather is nicer, people are out and about earlier but on a rather windy, chilly day in early March? Not so many!

When we got home, Smudge practically broke all speed records getting to the door to greet us and demand some fresh food.  Lester, on the other hand, was lounging on the couch and gave us one of those, “Well, where the heck have you been for all these hours?” looks and that was the extent of his reaction.

Smudge later in the evening after having an after-dinner snack.

And Lester having a snooze while holding on to a monster-size kitty paw.

16 thoughts on “Stitching Progress

  1. Glad to hear Mr. QO’s procedure was a success and that Smudge and Lester survived your absence. Looks like you got a lot accomplished. Isn’t it nice to have an Inklingo portable project for those times when you have to wait – while other people stare into space or leaf through old waiting room magazines – we make progress on our quilts! I’ve lived in Australia and England so I know what you mean about health care.


  2. Hi Cathi
    Good to hear that all went well yesterday. Looks like you accomplished a lot even with the early morning outing. Always look forward to hear how you are progressing with your projects. Looks like the rain is with us for several more days. We had wet snow most of yesterday. But all gone this morning with the rain. Have a great day.



  3. Cathi,
    So glad you husband came through okay:)

    I read that about the log cabin download on the inklingo blog. That’s kind of neat. Don’t know if I’ll purchase that one as cutting strips is not a problem for me.

    I love your blocks you are working on right now and the fabrics!


  4. Wow! You will be putting the binding on that drunkard’s path quilt and then you will have the daunting task of starting a new project! So sad! 🙂

    I’m sure the cats were as happy to have you home as you and Mr. Q.O. were. Glad it all worked out!

    Better start building that log cabin quilt, you’re behind a bit….


  5. I’m so happy to hear that Mr QO came through it all so nicely :0) Goodness for stitching in bad lighting you really got a lot done!!



  6. Glad to hear the good report, another hard day behind you! Happy stitching, always fun to think ahead to new exciting projects!


  7. Glad all went well.

    I hate totell you this but my alarm rings every morning at 5:40…that would be AM! LOL!!! Even on off days my eyes pop open at 6! Annoying I know!

    Drunkards path are on my to do list…by machine but on my to do list and yours are inspiring!


  8. Dear Cathi, I’m happy to hear that everything went well! Also so nice to hear how great you were taken care of! You catched my thought about weather and healthy care! As you understand I would like to change the sun for better healthy care!
    You were quick with your stitching! They look so wonderful! Thank you for showing details!
    xxx Teje


  9. Cathi,
    So glad to hear that all went well with Mr. QOs procedure.
    Now the kitties can assist with his recovery.
    The blocks are wonderful….makes me want to work on a Drunkards Path.
    Have a great day…..B


  10. So glad all went well! I can picture yiur kitties when you got home…:)
    I was talking to a couple down here yesterday, from canada. He was saying overall it is a good system. Onky problems hes encountered is if one does not live in or near a big city…not enough dr or facilities and get be a wait, but overall he says they are vry pleased.
    You sure did get a lot done! That is amazing!


  11. What…? Not so many people as you thought? Hmmm…. Maybe you weren’t awake enough to notice them.

    We’re all very happy here at LeeHaven to know Mr. Q.O. went thru his procedure with flying colors. We like that.

    Okay those Drunkard Path blocks are so super luscious I can’t hardly stand it. They’re so supppper pretty. Yummy. …and can Lester have any cuter pose? MSKP’s!!!


  12. Hey Cathi,
    I am glad Mr. QO came through with flying colors. Hope he recovers just as quickly. I love the fabric you are using in this cute little quilt. Something about those reds and whites/beiges that just makes me smile. This is going to be a cute, cute quilt.


  13. So glad to read that Mr QO came through his op okay. MY you got a lot of stitching done!! and your health service sounds amazing!!
    Ours needs a good shake up.
    Love those little blocks…I’m getting tempted!!
    Smudge’s expression says “you’ve got a lot of sucking up to do”
    Lester looks so cute 🙂
    Bunnyhugs to both, Ellyx


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