Piecing a Drunkard’s Path Unit – Lots of Photos

There were a couple of inquiries about how I piece the little 2-piece units that are used in Drunkard’s Path blocks, so I thought I’d put together a short tutorial on my method.  Smudge is wide awake and watching.

I’ve always loved making Drunkard’s Path blocks and before Inklingo would trace them and then add the quarter-inch seam allowance.  Since the Inklingo Drunkard’s Path collection came out, it’s so much more enjoyable.  No tracing, no adding the quarter-inch seam allowance.  Just print, cut and stitch.  Now I never want to stop making these.  They’re quick and, thanks to the perfect matching points and stitching lines, very simple to stitch.

The first thing step is clipping slightly into the seam allowance of the piece with the concave curve.  You can see one clip in this picture.  I clip between every matching point that’s printed on my fabric.  In the above picture you can see the stitching line and the matching points that have printed on to the back of my fabric.

Then I line up the pieces and, using #12 sharps as pins, pin the first and second matching points.  I pin the first to hold it in place when I insert the threaded needle a bit over from the beginning of the seam.

Then I bring the threaded needle back up through the matching point at the beginning of the seam, effectively taking a back stitch.

Then, taking the smallest stitches I can, I load the needle with stitches up to the next matching point.

Before I pull the needle through, I move the sharp from that first matching point along the seam to the next.

Pull the needle through, make a small back stitch and proceed by loading the needle with more stitches up to the next matching point.  Then it’s simply a matter of repeating the last 2 steps until the end of the seam.

I’ve reached the end of the seam. At that point I make a back stitch, turn the piece over and make a small knot, once again away from the end of the seam so that the knot won’t interfere when adding other pieces.

The little Drunkard’s Path unit is finished.

The back:

They really only take a few minutes to stitch.  For fun, I decided to see just how long it takes me to stitch one.  It’s just over 5 minutes from start to finish.

Lester hopes you found this relaxing.

12 thoughts on “Piecing a Drunkard’s Path Unit – Lots of Photos

  1. Great tutorial Cathi 🙂 You must’ve been reading my mind :)) I was wondering about how you did the knots at either end, slightly away from the ends. Great pictures too nice and clear. Do you stitch with a #12 too?
    bunnyhugs to kitties who are looking very cute as always 😉


  2. Thank you so much for tutorial! Approx a year ago I started a drunkards path, but it was such a struggle to get them flat and perfect. Now I see that the first clipping will make that less of an issue! Imagine, just a few clips can make all the difference….if you know the trick!!! Hugs and thank you for sharing your secrets! 🙂


  3. I just love the photos of your hand stitching. That’s it! I must start something again…you make it impossible to resist. I used to always have a hand stitching project on the go…if I can’t find one of them today, I’m starting something new 🙂


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