Farmer’s Delight Block 11

Getting these blocks done has moved to the top of the list and, as I’m very close to being finished, they are all I plan to work on until they’re done.  One more block to go, then add the surrounding pieces to turn the last 4 blocks into squares and the piecing is done.  The final step will be figuring out how I want to set them.

Block 12 has been started.  The two triangle strips won’t take long to make and add to it and then it will be finished.

A few days ago I wrote about testing different markers for marking the quilting I want to do on the pink and cream quilt.  I made some marks on a scrap piece of the cream fabric with various markers and then let it sit for over a week.  Wednesday I decided to see if the marks would come out.  I was amazed at how easily they all rinsed right out of the fabric with just water.  No soap was necessary at all.  The pink and yellow Fineliner marks rinsed out without an issue.  The most surprising to me was that the General’s graphite pencil marks practically flew out of the fabric as soon as it got close to water.  After drying and ironing the scrap piece there isn’t a hint of any of the marks.  As I always wash my quilts as soon as they’re bound, I feel quite safe about using any of the markers I tested.

Now to find my quilt stencils.  Some of them are rather large so there aren’t too many spots I could have put them where they could lie flat.  It seems I found a really good spot for them — and one that I can’t remember.  I’d like to get that top ready to quilt this weekend, so hopefully they turn up today or tomorrow.

I spoke too soon about the weather.  Wednesday was quite cool again and extremely windy.  Our high was only -4.  Today’s high is supposed to be -3.  However, the difference in the light is becoming more obvious each day.  We got pictures of both the cats without having to turn on lights or use the flash.

Lester was lounging.

Smudge was posing.

12 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight Block 11

  1. Ooooo… I am so excited that you will be finishing up the farmer’s delight blocks. This quilt is going to be a beauty!! I think that we have your cold, cold weather today. Right now it is hovering around 0 degrees. Brrrr!!


  2. I can’t wait to see this quilt finished! WOW again!
    It’s cold here also, the test for real spring is when my cats want to stay outside and that’s not happening yet!
    Lester looks so serene.


  3. These two blocks remind me of orange and lime sherbet. Lovely blocks. Are you using the perfect circles on the center? You can tell the kitties feel much better. Their fur even looks healthier. Don’t mind me – I don’t know much about cats but they look great!


  4. Those are lovely blocks – I do like the colours….Interesting test for the markers… I think I need to know a bit more about the graphite markers…they sound great. I am still trying to get a bic pencil mark out of a whole cloth – no luck as yes for some small sections.


  5. What a beautiful quit this will be! Such movement! Love the fabrics also! I know ive asked before, but do you show your quilts?!? What a trunk show you have!!! And ribbon winners!


  6. The quilt stencils are in a very safe place and will no doubt come to light eventually. We are noticing our days are getting shorter and it’s dark for longer in the mornings now. Love Smudge’s bear hat!


  7. These are beautiful Cathi – how many are you making? Watching the progress of this quilt has inspired me and I have started to pull my fabrics – I am going to make the 15″one like yours but with the straight blades. I am using my stash of pastel Kaffes.

    Looking forward to seeing how you are going to set them. I Googled Farmer’s Delight quilt and some blocks came up – mostly yours – and other Inklingoists – but very few finished quilts. Maybe this is a quilt like the Grandmother’s Flower Garden that people often don’t finish.


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