Pickled Ladies and the Pastry Shop

Sounds like a funny book title, doesn’t it?  As it’s time for the February Clamshell Club report, I’m showing the Pickled Ladies that got finished this month.  Not as many as I had hoped, but half a dozen to add to the mix is progress.  To see more clamshell reports from other participants, check in here at Cybele’s Patch to find those links.

On the weekend, a new Inklingo Pies and Tarts collection was released.  While I’ve often thought  the quilt was appealing, there was no way I was going to make anything that required English paper piecing.  Now?  Now I can make it with a simple running stitch and some continuous stitching as I’ve got perfect shapes with stitching lines marked on the back of my fabrics.

Of course, I had to start making some of the blocks and have printed enough shapes now to make a small quilt.  Mr. Q.O. suggested naming it Pastry Shop.  And that’s how the Pickled Ladies have ended up in a post with the Pastry Shop.  The back:

We had yet more snow on the weekend, but it sounds like today we’ll have rain and who knows what else.  I had a migraine Sunday afternoon that was rather nasty, but it lifted as the storm got closer.  The cats decided to find cozy spots to curl up.

Smudge’s new favourite spot is where the heating pad is.

Lester prefers the loveseat.  I think this is one of the best shots of Lester, as it shows how rich the red colour is in his coat.

17 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies and the Pastry Shop

  1. OK, I just saw the announcement Saturday for the Pies and Tarts Inklingo pattern. Since you swear you do actually sleep, now I’m thinking maybe you have a magic wand! The new project is beautiful as always.


  2. Cathi,

    THAT does sound like a fun name for a book! hee. Very cute.

    I am loving to see those Pies & Tarts. I love these fabrics working together, too. They’re perfect for this collection. Delicious.

    Great shot of Smudge. You’re right about the photo picking up the colors in his coat. I like how he’s using his tail to keep the heat in. Looks like he was using the heating pad, too. He must have been a very frosty cat!


  3. I love your fabric choices! You really have a eye for color in your projects!
    I really shouldn’t look at your sleeping cats in the early morning hours, they make me want to just crawl back in bed and snooze!


  4. Wonderful blocks! Hmmm, Pickled Ladies and the Pastry Shop…sounds like a great mystery! Want to add yet another project to your list???? You could hand-stitch at book signings…when you are rich and famous! 🙂
    Happy Stitching and hugs!


  5. Pickles and pastry, quite a combination! It will be fun at a future date to pull out the box with all of the pickled ladies and play with a layout.

    We had a lot of rain last night and now freezing temperatures this morning.


  6. Uhoh, another distraction for you LOL. I wonder how many other shapes Linda Franz will come up with to lure you into something new LOL. Mr QO came up with the perfect name for these cute blocks.



  7. Wonderful progress on the Pickled Ladies. They are real beauties. I have a different update today. Quick and easy.
    The Pies and Tarts are also very pretty. Love that pattern too. (if I only had time……)


  8. Cathi, I love those pickled ladies. What a gorgeous quilt they are going to make. The boys are looking comfy. My girls are both asleep, Aeris on the bed, and Callie right next to my computer. We had thunder storms last night, but the sun is shining today. Have a good one.


  9. Yes – a great name for a book. You do the most incredable work Cathi – so productive its amazing. I really enjoy watching what you make. Such a lot of different things wth those wonderful collections.


  10. Very regal pose for Lester. He looks great. Smudge looks very cuddley as always 🙂 Like other commenters, I think it’s a great name for a book!! Also the pie & tarts blocks are super cute. Can’t wait to see what this becomes.


  11. Love the pickles and pies….sounds like a grocery shop! Lester’s coat is a lovely rich colour, we had a kitty that colour….unfortunately she cross the rainbow bridge a few years ago, but we still remember her.


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