Saving My First Quilt

When I began quilting I clearly jumped in at the deep end, making a top like this. Some of the stars have holes in the middle through which a truck could be driven. Well, okay — that might be an exaggeration, but there are definite holes that I cannot close.  Over the years, I’ve tried.  I’ve had the top tucked away now for years, trying to decide how I could save it.  Buttons in the centres was one idea, but not one that I was crazy about.  Appliqueing on some shape was clearly the best idea, but what shape?  Now I think I finally have a solution.

On Thursday, a new Inklingo collection of circles was released.  The combination of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles ® and Inklingo Circles means perfect circles with virtually no fabric waste at all.  This way I can pick my circle size to applique over the centres of the stars and finally finish that first quilt.

It’s not a perfect quilt by any stretch, but it’s one I want to see finished and in use. The other goal I have in mind for this quilt?  I’m going to mark some quilting designs on it and see how well I do quilting by machine.

Thursday we woke up to a new dusting of snow.  But there was also a sign that spring isn’t too far off.  For the first time in months, we saw grackles out on the roof garden.  Soon Lester will have lots to watch out the window.

Thursday evening Lester decided it was his turn to curl up by the heating pad.

Smudge gets into one of the round kitty beds and immediately sets to kneading it into the oval shape he prefers.

10 thoughts on “Saving My First Quilt

  1. I knew you would put the new Circles into action! That will really be a nice quilt!
    We were just getting rid of the last snow when it started snowing yesterday and by last night we had 5 more inches!
    But like your grackles, our sign of spring is seeing robins in our trees and even last week, the trees were full of them. Spring can’t come soon enough! More snow today and tomorrow and then back in the 40’s I hope! But it’s good sewing weather!
    Stay warm with those kitties!


  2. Hmmmm a circle Inklingo….I may have to purchase this one. It will be wonderful to get your first quilt done. I wish I hadn’t given my first one away, it would be fun to see how awful it was LOL.



  3. Cathi, I wonder if a vivid contrasting yo-yo would give the quilt more charm/texture…and distract from anything you feel is less than perfect? If attached solidly, it could even be gifted to a child? Just a thought, but I know our creative juices are usually far better than anything I come up with! No signs of spring here yet…but I’m sure watching…hoping! Hugs and happy stitching!


  4. I can’t see any holes! : D

    But if you can, and they bug you, then these new circles are a wonderful solution. My earliest quilts and major mistakes are the most beloved quilts in our household… my boys adore them.

    I hope your husband’s shoulder is doing better. I had that a few years back, and was scheduled for surgery, but I babied it and was faithful on the NSAIDS, and my golf ball sized calcium deposit went away on its own. I still have to be careful, though, and not overdo.

    ~ Ronda


  5. Well, I think this is gorgeous! However, I appreciate this post. I sometimes think that I have so far to go when looking at such perfect hand piecing as yours. It is nice to be reminded by a master that all have to start at the same point and climb the same ladder of repetition and practice. It is easy to get overwhelmed by seeing one beautiful, inticate quilt after another just “magically appear”. Nice to be reminded that with patience and persistence and guidance from those, such as yourelf, we can all achieve our goals. Then, make higher new goals! Lol
    You are the best Cathi. Thank you for all you do and for being yourself.
    I like to think that the quilts I make are a marker of my progress. With each one I learn and looking at that reminds me of how far I have come (and how far I have to go! ).


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