Another Farmer’s Delight

Once this and two more blocks are finished, and the next one is already partially put together, the blocks for this quilt will be made.  Setting the blocks is something I’ve started thinking about and, while I have no firm ideas as of yet, I’m thinking about something that will involve some applique.  I’ll make that decision once all the blocks are done and I start playing with layouts.

An idea for another Dresden Plate variation is slowly working its way to the top of the list.  I may play with some fabric choices for it and perhaps make the first block this week.

Thanks to the rain early Monday, we have no snow left on the roof garden.  As it’s now March 1, I’m hoping that we get no more snow until next year.   Spring can’t arrive soon enough for me.  There’s something about it being March that always feels so promising.  We got through January and February and it’s all good from here.

We didn’t manage to get any photos of the kitties on Monday.  We just didn’t seem to have a camera at hand at the appropriate times, so I thought I’d dig up some photos from a year ago.

This was Lester just under a year ago.

And Smudge slightly over a year ago, giving a classic Smudge look.

8 thoughts on “Another Farmer’s Delight

  1. You know how much I just adore these blocks. I am so looking forward to when these are all completed and into a quilt. So glad you have no more snow. Being that I just got back from Arizona and was loving not having any snow… well now I am back to the unrelenting mass of snow we have. Not sure when it will go away!


  2. Nice block! Once again, it’s hard to pick a favorite one with all of the ones you have going.
    I like Smudge’s white triangle on his face. Destined to like quilts.


  3. I think I would lean towards applique too though a group on the About forum were drawing appropriate size circles and hand stitching them in. Regardless of how you do it, I think it’s going to be gorgeous!!



  4. So pretty! Even all by itself! Almost reminds me of a piece of stained glass art/design. Id love to hand it in my window! It has movement.
    Hi smudge and lester! 😉


  5. Love this block 🙂 I’m right there with you hoping that winter has gone and spring is here. 4 lovely days on the trot now, will take it hard when tomorrow’s rain arrives.
    Bunnyhugs to kitties 😉


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