Summer Picnic Dish Again


After finishing the Colourful Crosspatch quilt, I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on next. The Summer Picnic Dish quilt won as it will grow quickly and I would love to see it finished before it’s too late to take pictures out on the roof garden. That gives me another month to six weeks to finish this one. I’ve decided to make it a lap quilt rather than a bed runner. The rings are fairly large, so I’m hoping it won’t take me long to get it to the size I want for the lap quilt.


There were a few arc/melon units already done, so those I added to a centre and now have another ring ready to add to the Summer Picnic Dish.


Then I made a couple more arc/melon units. This is fun to stitch with lots of continuous stitching putting the pieced arc together and then some nice gentle curved piecing when attaching the arc to the melon. Then it’s even more curved piecing when adding the arc/melon units to the centres.


I’m grading the seams as I go this time. I realized last night that I hadn’t graded all the seams in the portion of the Summer Picnic Dish that is already put together, so I’ll be spending a bit of time getting that done this weekend. And now I’m curious to see if I can stay as focused on getting this one finished as I was when finishing up the Colourful Crosspatch quilt.


“Alien ‘Ant Farm'”


After a busy morning watching the gardeners out on the roof garden, Baxter was having an afternoon snooze in his kitty tree.

10 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish Again

  1. you are killing me here Cathi!!! every time you pull out a new quilt it goes on my list it seems – I love the pickle dish – I have no time to start another project with all that I am working on right now but I would love to do this one – I have done two queen size double wedding rings so I now it would be easy enough to do – but when!


  2. ooh!! Makes me happy…this might be my favorite quilt of yours! You inspired my sister-in-law and me to start one of our own…even if we couldn’t the same wonderful pansy fabric! 🙂 Baxter is adorable in his pose on his kitty tree…if only I could be so flexible!!


  3. I love that you’re working on that one! You will get your curved sewing fix on that one!
    Baxter is just so cute! And those alien ants……..what’s next???!!


  4. Cathi, I love quilting I truly do , but the amount of time you give yourself between quilts , and the ones that you pick are advanced….dont you feel like you need a vacation after you have finished a quilt? Baxter is an adorable ham…😊 In the last pic of him with his tongue licking his chops it looks as though he ate a bird…in the kitty world that’s a delicacy. 😉


  5. Oh Cathi, I’m so in HAW of your work. I have a question. I just finished my first table mat in the 300Hexs book (pg. 50). I’ve sewn the 7 Hexie pieces together, now how do I put a backing on it to finish it? Thanks,


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