Colourful Crosspatch Quilt


It’s done! Finally done! Monday night at about midnight I took the final stitch, graded the final few seams and my version of Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses top was completed. That was far too late to try to get a decent picture of it so I decided to wait to post until today, after we got a good picture of it out on the roof garden yesterday afternoon. It’s about 65″ square. And it is, for now, named Colourful Crosspatch Quilt.

Would I have made this quilt without the Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses collection? Not a chance! I’ve tried English Paper Piecing before and it is not for me. It’s so easy and quick to stitch with a simple running stitch with the perfect stitching lines and matching points Inklingo prints on the back of fabric and I know my stitches won’t show. No matter how well I matched thread colours and how tiny my whip stitches were, they weren’t invisible enough for me when I tried English Paper Piecing.

It was so easy and fun to fussy cut/print the shapes to get some different effects using striped fabrics that I even did a blog post on Fussy Cutting/Printing Patchwork of the Crosses shapes.


The only reason it took me so long to finish this quilt top was the cream fabric I chose for the connecting hexagons. It gives the effect I was aiming for so I’m pleased with how it looks, but oh how that painted-on stripe gave me fits trying to stitch it. This thimble was the only thing that saved my finger the last few weeks. Without it, I think my finger would have had a permanently embedded needle. And that cream fabric was making me rather cross, which is partially what gave rise to the quilt name.


A portion of the back of the quilt. This is how it looks after all the seams were graded and the final pressing was done.


I saved all the bits I clipped from the seams and they almost fill this Mason jar. I’m thinking I might use these as pincushion stuffing.


“Alien Buddy’s Pet Bird.”


This was a lucky shot of Baxter. I just happened to have the camera in my hand, turned on and pointed at him and snapped it just in time to catch this.

17 thoughts on “Colourful Crosspatch Quilt

  1. Cathi, that is beautiful……well done! Love the name too. Even Baxter looks to be smiling in approval. Baxter, your alien friend’s toons are something to look forward to every day!


  2. You did it!!!! And it is beautiful…just grand! Oh, how I hated those painted on fabrics…but you won…and the battle was well worth the fight! Looks so lovely!
    Now rest your hands for a bit…and start planning something new and fun! ;-))))))


  3. It’s just fabulous, Cathi. A beautiful quilt, finished thanks to Inklingo! Or nearly finished, right? Love the Baxter pic today. What a sweet boy he is! And I especially love the stars (mariner’s compasses?) on the shirts of the kitties in the ‘toon today. Mr. Q.O. is very clever!!!


  4. beautiful!! it really turned out great and I bet you are so glad now that you made it this size and not smaller. I kind of thought you would finish your version before I got done with mine!


  5. Absolutely beautiful Cathy, well done!!! I really like Patchwork of the Crosses but always only imagined the odd block here and there, but seeing how beautiful yours is it’s started my imagination flying. I love it!!! I think you’ve done a marvelous job, Linda will be proud for sure 🙂


  6. Your POTC is lovely – congratulations on the finish. Sorry you had to fight with that white on white fabric – the subtle stripe is really pretty though:-)


  7. Hi Cathi,

    Your POTC is stunning. I am about to start – but am a little timid to jump in and start! I enjoy reading your Blog and following you quilt progress.


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