Around The Block

Last night I was doing a lot of the seam grading on the Summer Picnic Dish. This weekend I will be back to work on it and figuring out exactly what I need to print in order to make it the size I want for a lap quilt. So I thought it might be nice to go for a little tour around the building.


This is the sight looking up one of the pathways up to the building from the sidewalk. It’s wonderful walking under that archway formed by the tree branches as there are usually loads of birds in those trees, chirping and singing away.


One of the urns at the entrance to the building. The flowers in the urns are changed regularly and it’s always fun to see what the new arrangements contain.


Right now the lobby vases have sunflowers. The flowers in the lobby vases are changed weekly.


Then out on the roof garden there are these gorgeous flowers.


Along with many little sparrows, morning doves, robins and cardinals.


And this was our view looking to the east when out on the roof garden.

Alien Aquariumwtmk

“Alien Aquarium.”


Baxter was looking rather regal on a cushion.

6 thoughts on “Around The Block

  1. Wow flowers every day, I could get used to that. I usually have flowers all around the yard. This year it’s beautiful. Keep going with the blog posts. Always a lot to see.


  2. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty! I’m sure it all serves to inspire some of your lovely creations too!!! Let the creative juices flow…can’t wait to see what is perking for you next masterpiece!!!
    Hugs and happy stitching this glorious, sunny Friday!


  3. Nice surroundings! Are you right downtown Toronto? Seems incredible to have those large roof gardens right there.
    The toon is funny, hope those creatures don’t spread ,LOL!

    Baxter always looks regal!


  4. I love seeing more photos of your rooftop garden and gardens around the building. Must be wonderful to have fresh seasonal flowers in the lobby. I can’t have flowers in the house because the cats think it is kitty-salad.


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