Will This Be The Next Top To Finish?

While I definitely want to get back to working on the Stormy Seas quilt top, I think after the POTC top is finished I’m going to need some curved piecing. That is, after all, my favourite.


So the Summer Picnic Dish top seems like the perfect candidate to be finished next. Loads and loads of curved piecing and continuous stitching. That sounds wonderful to me. I have all the shapes printed and cut out, so it will be just a matter of stitching. I’m still debating whether to make it a bed runner or a lap quit. That decision will have to be made as soon as I start working on it again.

The third row of the POTC top was put together last night but it was too late to get a picture of it. By the time the weekend is over, I may be starting to join the rows together.


“Alien Quilting Machine.”

Baxter & hoop, June 29, 2011wtmk

This picture of Baxter by the floor hoop was taken in late June 2011.


What a difference, just slightly more than 2 years later. Hard to believe it’s already been two years! It seems like yesterday he was a tiny kitten exploring his new world.

9 thoughts on “Will This Be The Next Top To Finish?

  1. Oh, yes, the Summer Picnic Dish is a great pick to finish!
    Those aliens have all the right stuff going for them, Baxter is starting to look like he came out of a Star Trek movie.
    Can’t believe how that kitty grew!


  2. I want one of those alien quilting machines! Slightly late happy birthday to Baxter, heavens it can’t be two years, surely? Summer Picnic Dish is very summer-y, we have missed seeing it lately.


  3. Where does the time go??!?! I remember that photo of Baxter like it was yesterday!~ What a beautiful kitty he has turned into. I have always loved this quilt you are going to finish next. It is so very feminine and classic and fresh. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do. Loving all the Baxtertoons at the lake this summer. lol Always get a chuckle.



  4. He’s certainly a Pretty Kitty that Baxter! Your quilt top is beautiful. I love bed runners..sort of think if they are just a bit wide, they are great wrapped around the shoulders while watching t.v.


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