Row 2 of POTC


It was a perfect day yesterday to take photos out on the roof garden. There was no wind so I didn’t have to worry about row 2 getting blown away.

I’m almost finished the last corner of the final row. Then all that will be left to do is sew the blocks of the final three rows together and then sew the rows together. I can’t wait to see this top finished.


There were many, many baby sparrows out and about yesterday afternoon. They were just behind this small flower bed around one of the crab apple trees.


“Alien Quilt.”


We caught him in the midst of yawning, but Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Is it time for lunch yet?”

5 thoughts on “Row 2 of POTC

  1. Oh, it’s coming together! What a pretty garden bed, is that huge tree really growing on a rooftop? A glow-in-the-dark alien quilt, should be your next project, you can buy glow thread……and it really glows.


  2. Very beautiful!~ I have baby Mockingbirds in a nest in my rose bush. I know it was sweet to see the baby sparrows. Even aliens need quilts too!~ What a life Baxter has… lol



  3. Wow Cathi! It is looking so amazing. Your work is so beautiful and you seem to sew everything up so quickly. Simply gorgeous!

    Love the photo of Baxter. He looks like he could swallow a sparrow whole in that pic LOL.



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