Rows 3 and 4


Row 3 of the Patchwork of the Crosses top is done.


As is row 4.

Row 5 is almost done. Joining the rows together is probably going to take a bit longer than I originally anticipated, but I’m still hopeful I’m going to get the top together before this week is over. The upcoming weekend is a long weekend here in Ontario and I want to be doing some curved piecing at some point on that weekend. I was threatening to start a sunflower or make some more of the melon/arcs for the Summer Picnic Dish on Saturday but a friend persuaded me to stick with the Patchwork of the Crosses and get the top finished.

home sunwtmk

“Home Sun.” It seems the little alien was showing his home planet to Baxter and his kitty pals.


Baxter was – where else – in his kitty tree. We had a lot of rain on Saturday but yesterday was gorgeous. And he spent a lot of time watching out the window – during the day and at night. I think he’s about to have a real growth spurt as he has been eating more and more the past few days.

6 thoughts on “Rows 3 and 4

  1. Oh no…..keep going with Patchwork of the Crosses, it is so near to being done! Then you can reward yourself with some curved piecing. I love the alien friend for Cappy too!


  2. You are making such wonderful progress…you’ll be delighted when you see the Patchwork of the Crosses finally come together! Keep the fun things dangling…
    like a carrot to keep you stitching the final blocks/rows together! You are amazing…
    wish I could accomplish even a tiny smidge of what you produce!
    Hugs and Happy Monday!


  3. I know how hard it is to stick with one project. That one is so near the end too. I’m afraid I would have to sneak in a block or 2 that seemed more exciting as a reward for so many hours of sticking with the finishing.


  4. Keep an eye on the prize! Just think once it’s done, you can pick another project that is almost done and then you’ll be on a roll of finishing projects! This coming from a person who has too many unfinished projects! šŸ™‚


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