Rows and Rows of POTC


That’s what you see in this picture.  Five completed rows, albeit folded, of the Patchwork of the Crosses top. Finishing the fifth row last night, I almost felt as though it was time for a celebration. But that has to wait until the top is done. Then it will be time for a celebration.

Tonight I will start joining the rows. Once I’ve got the first two rows joined I’ll have a much better idea of how soon the top will be finished, but I’m still hoping it will be sometime this week or, at the very latest, sometime this coming weekend.




Baxter loves to snooze on the blue and white quilt that’s draped over the back of the sofa. I think he’ll look just as good on the POTC quilt when it’s quilted and takes the place of the blue and white one on the back of the sofa.

5 thoughts on “Rows and Rows of POTC

  1. The blocks are like a jewel rainbow…looking grand! Lucky Baxter…to get such
    a sparkly new quilt to lounge on!!! Keep on stitching…the finish line is in sight now!


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