Roof Garden Views

The first two rows of the Patchwork of the Crosses are joined and I’m about to start adding the third. This is taking me a bit longer than I anticipated it would. I told Mr. Q.O. the other night that I need to find two long, long epic movies to watch – listen to while I try to get this finished!  No pictures yet, but maybe tomorrow if the weather cooperates.


On the weekend we took some shots out on the roof garden of some of the many trees that are out there. This is one of the crab apple trees. The apples are just starting to turn red. I guess they’ll start dropping on to the lawn in the next few weeks.


Some of the other trees, as well as another crab apple tree. Even though we’re surrounded by lots of office and residential towers, when we’re out on the roof garden it really doesn’t feel like we’re in the midst of a concrete jungle at all.


One of the flowers that’s currently blooming out on the roof garden.


And while it’s not a tree out on the roof garden, the red arrow is pointing to a kitty tree in which a certain kitty sits and watches what goes on out on the roof garden.

Water Sportswtmk

“Water Sports.”


Baxter in his kitty tree. At night he tends to be facing into the room so he can keep an eye on us. During the day he’s pretty much always facing out. The window cleaners are here again, so he’ll have a much clearer window through which to watch.

6 thoughts on “Roof Garden Views

  1. The roof garden looks beautiful and so tranquil. Thank you for sharing pictures of it. You are coming on fast with your POC. Loving how it is looking. So many beautiful blocks in there. Fun Baxtertoon! and the pic of Baxter says ‘as if you’d get me in that water’ LOL…


  2. What a lovely garden! As you say, you would never know you live in the middle of a large city and of course it provides entertainment for Baxter. Love today’s toon too.


  3. That is just amazing that the roof garden is that large and the trees that grow there, a real backyard in the city! The toon is too funny, who knew the alien could water ski!
    Baxter keeps track of everything!


  4. I too am amazed at the rooftop garden. It looks so peaceful – I had no idea that you had trees growing in/on the garden roof. Now I am curious as to how the trees are growing – do they have them in huge pots that are “buried”? wonderful!! it looks like it would be a wonderful place to sit in the afternoon and sew!!


  5. I love seeing photos of your greenspace. What a wonderful place to enjoy nature in the city. Baxter is so cute on his kitty tree. He really keeps an eye on things doesn’t he (well when he is not napping…)


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