Winding my Way to Spring

Making these little 4.5 blocks is absolutely irresistible. So another two were added to the group. I love how quickly they go together and I definitely get my curved piecing fix stitching them.

I laid out the six that were done and can already tell that I’m going to love this quilt when it’s done. But it may be quite some time before I reach that point.

There are three quilt tops very near to completion. And two patterns that I’m in the midst of writing. And Ferris Wheel, which I’m slowly working on hand quilting. My goal is to have Ferris Wheel finished before the end of February. The binding fabric is ready, the label is made. So all that’s left is for me to get that hand quilting finished!

We had an unbelievably mild day on Monday, although it rained and rained. I half expected to see a robin on the roof garden this morning as January has been so mild that I’m almost convinced we’ll see spring start in February.

Baxter has decided that his kitty bed is a nice spot to curl up for an afternoon snooze or keep his eye on the toy basket. For some reason, he loves little paper cups and will roll them around on the floor for hours.

8 thoughts on “Winding my Way to Spring

  1. Your little blocks are certainly spring-like – let’s hope your spring is early this year! Baxter, I don’t know how you will take this, but you are oozing out of the cat bed……


  2. Those colours are just gorgeous. I can’t believe they all go together so well, but they do! And I love that pattern. One of these days I’ll get up the nerve to attempt something curvy.


  3. Such pretty colours! Morty loves paper cups too, and will play with them, pouncing on them, then tossing them in the air.
    I have finally taught him not to claw the leather lounge chairs! He uses an old footstool, and totally disdained the scratch pole we got for him.


  4. Love the colours this is one timeyou are tempting me to make a very pretty quilt, and I don’t have that inklingo pattern! Thank heavens my 2 don’t steal and hide things. Spud just wants to be Lap cat. Love the crossed paws look.


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