A New Start

When I printed all the shapes for the Storm at Sea blocks, I purposely printed many extra shapes. They’ve sat for ages while I thought about what I wanted to do with them. For starters, I’m going to make a few of these stars. They finish at 6.75″. Then I’ll start working with the extra diamond shapes. There’s a quilt design slowly taking shape in my mind for these extra blocks.

I love working with batiks. They press so beautifully. I’m grading the seams as I go so that I won’t be faced with having to do it all at the end.

When I said I printed a lot of extra shapes, I wasn’t kidding. This box is absolutely full of the various extra shapes.

This is the box that contains all the pieces for the Storm at Sea blocks along with the threads that match the various batiks. The Storm at Sea blocks have been neglected for too long. I plan on making at least one or two of them this week.

Baxter loves playing with his feather toy. On the weekend, he gave it the seemingly obligatory dunk in his water bowl. He does that with his favourite toys. I started to laugh when I found it in his water bowl, as he was lying beside the bowl just happily watching it float. Thankfully it dried quickly.

13 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. I love this star 🙂 Your hand piecing is so neat and tidy! It’s good to see how you’ve done the piecing from the back and how you’ve graded your seam, thank you.
    Baxter looks like he’s smiling and is that his tongue I can see that he’s sticking out at you? He has such a cheeky look on his face. Cute! Ellyx


  2. I really like your blocks and the organization makes me crazy…but that’s the way to go!
    Baxter and his floating toys reminds me of my daughter’s cats who LOVE long pipe cleaners that are twisted so the ends are turned in sort of like a pretzel. Those are their favorite toys and when we are in charge of checking them when she is gone, we dig them out of the food bowls and a whole lot of them in their water bowls. Noah seems to think he can get a drink and hold on to his toy at the same time and then drops it as it’s soggy.


  3. Are all the extra pieces to be made in this pattern or will they just be put together however you feel like?

    Your Main Coon kitties have the funniest little quirks…..is this part of the genetic make up?



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