A Few More Harpsichord Blocks

It has been ages since I’ve worked on these blocks but lately I’ve been thinking about just how much I know I’ll love this quilt when it’s done. So out came that project box and some new blocks were made. First up, a few blocks made with pink squares.

Then a few with green squares.

Some with blues.

A couple of purples, an orange and another blue.

There are still many, may blocks to be made. I’ve decided against joining them together as I go as I’d like to make sure I balance the colours in the layout as much as possible. At least by adding the outer octagon along two edges of each block, the joining should be rather quick once the layout is decided upon.

For those who haven’t followed my blog for long, the Harpsichord Quilt is inspired by both the original Lucy Boston Keyboard Patchwork and the amazing harpsichords we saw in the summer of 2008 which had the most incredible decorative artwork.

Baxter still brings his favourite toy to bed at night and sometimes leaves it there during the day. Yesterday we found out why. He likes to have it handy when he decides to stretch out for an afternoon snooze on the bed.

10 thoughts on “A Few More Harpsichord Blocks

  1. Musical instruments are beautiful. A music festival we attend each year has a dedicated section for makers to show their wares, and I always spend ages in there. Your harpsichord blocks will make a lovely quilt! My heavens, Baxter is one big boy.


  2. I had forgotten about those blocks. It’s good that you have so many different blocks to work on. You can never get bored that way and a lot of quilts will be finished near the same time.

    Look at the size of Baxter’s tail! He really has some long fur there.


  3. I remember when you wrote that post and seeing the amazing harpsichords! What a wonderful quilt this will be! Great idea! Looking wonderful! The mix of color with black makes it pop and gives it expression and punctuation, like a harpsichord! You are so talented! Baxter has a tail like that fox painted on the cover of the beautiful harpsichord. 🙂


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