A Trio of Spring Winding Ways Blocks

After seeing the circle almost appearing with six blocks done, I was determined to put together three more in order to see the full effect. These three were added to the group.

Then I laid them out together. I’m thrilled with how this is going to look. It will be fun arranging the blocks once they’re all done and watching the circles appear.

Tuesday was yet another gray and rainy day, but another mild one. We just saw our long-range forecast and it looks like it’s staying mild for the next couple of weeks.

Last night when I was stitching, I left my small scissors on the end table for a minute. The protective cover was on them. I turned around and Baxter had them, by the handles, in his mouth and was about to make off with them. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he dropped them. I wonder where he would have hidden them – probably with Mr. Q.O.’s pens.

Later he was reclining on the loveseat with his paws crossed. Mr. Q.O. grabbed the camera and we were lucky to get this shot as he moved seconds later. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “The Lounge Lizard.”

8 thoughts on “A Trio of Spring Winding Ways Blocks

  1. What a GORGEOUS Baxter!!!!!!!!
    Winding ways also. Love the way you are putting it together. It is raining in the Dallas/FtWorth area….or maybe I should say….POURING !!!!! Very much needed tho. Keep at the Winding Ways. It will sure be a feast for the eyes.


  2. Your new project looks like stained glass windows on a misty day….Baxter, well
    he looks more like a mischievous day! Don’t ya have to wonder what he is thinking?


  3. WOW! I love how those circles come out! that will be yet another amazing quilt!
    Now, about your little catkleptomaniac, how you noticed they always love to hide the things that occupy your hands, those hands that could be petting him instead of holding onto those objects! Have you found where exactly he is hiding all of the missing things? (Look under the bed……)


  4. Oh, Baxter! We remember when you were just a little kitty. Now you are a grown-up, handsome mancat! xxoo Patty & Bhu

    Cathi, as the piece grows it becomes more beautiful!! Just glorious! xxoo Patty


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