Contented Kitty Quilt

Eight of the blocks are now done and I’m thinking that this will be renamed and called “Memories of Smudge” when it’s finished. I can’t help but think of him when I work with these colours.

All the pieces for the quilt are printed, cut and ready to stitch. It’s not going to be a large quilt and, as I love piecing this block, the blocks may be finished before the fall.

Baxter was a very busy kitty Thursday. He was chasing his toys, our feet, and anything else that attracted his attention. When he stopped for a snooze, he crashed with a teddy bear and frog.

Stitching when Baxter is awake is … well, challenging. He seems to think fabric is a toy and/or edible. I’m hoping this phase passes quickly as it is making it difficult to get much done. My plan is to have the toy basket beside me so that when he decides to “help” I can distract him by throwing a toy on the floor. Maybe. I hope.

16 thoughts on “Contented Kitty Quilt

  1. I can see why you think of Smudge when working on the Yin Yang blocks! Renaming the quilt is a wonderful to remember him!

    And that little Mr Baxter makes me smile every day. He’s way too cute (when he‘s asleep). I’m sure he’s a whirlwind when he’s awake!


  2. I think you idea of renaming the quilt Memories of Smudge is really a great idea!
    Good luck with your “plan” on keeping the little rascal at bay with your toy tossing!


  3. “Memories of Smudge” is a lovely idea, and a sweet tribute to him….he was such a great character. For the first few years after Bianca The Beautiful (but slightly brainless) came to live with us we noticed she was fond of chewing cables….speaker cables, computer cables…..the cable that goes from my sewing machine foot pedal to the machine…….$72 for a new cable, I was not impressed!


  4. This is going to be such a beautiful quilt and so full of memories. I have a feeling it will take a while to quilt train little Baxter LOL



  5. That will be a beautiful quilt Cathi, and a wonderful memory one for Smudge. Baxter looks loverly – I am so happy that you have him there, and hope , for you, he grows up a bit more so you can catch up on your quilting


  6. Interesting blocks/colors. Wonderful name honoring Smudge. It’s amazing to me the effects of having a loving cat(s). They really calm the body.


  7. Beautiful blocks for a beautiful quilt in lovely memory to a beautiful cat.

    What a sweet shot of that little punkin’. Can’t help but just love him to bits.


  8. This is beautiful Cathi.
    I know the loss you are feeling over Smudge and memorializing him with a quilt is a beautiful thing.
    Baxter is adorable and I do hope he he gives you extra comfort when missing Smudge is unbearable. They grow up so fast into cats so enjoy this time. My little kitty feels the same way when it comes to fabric and thread and pins. It’s all a game to him.


  9. You know…maybe you should get Baxter a friend..then he would chase his friend not your sewing : ) Your Memories of Smudge quilt is going to be so pretty!


  10. Hi Cathi!
    I’m sure he will figure out that your stitching is “your work” and not playtime. 🙂
    I love the look of these blocks with the fabrics you have chosen. Such cute photos Mr QO is getting!
    HOME!~here… finally. Things are good. Will write soon. Thanks for your note. I am tired, in many ways. It’s all GOOD. XO


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