Summer Plates Update

Four more blocks to go and the centre of the Summer Plates will be done. I’ve got 2 of the 4 finished but for their floral frames. The remaining 2 will be done quickly. The first pieced border will be added and then the final border. I’m hoping to have the top finished before the end of the month. That assumes that I get enough stitching time. Baxter seems to think fabric is a toy, so stitching is somewhat challenging.

As I type try to type this, there’s a very inquisitive kitty perched on my shoulder purring in my ear. Hmm, now he’s heading for the keyboard. ttttyryoy6b — that was Baxter’s contribution to the post. No idea what he’s telling us, but …

And just because a couple of friends asked, here’s a full shot of Baxter’s preferred sleeping position.

16 thoughts on “Summer Plates Update

  1. I love that quilt! By the way, are you planning to make little Baxter his own private quilt that is his and only his? Or are you going to assume that he will make all quilts his own property?
    He’s good on the keyboard! You know you have to try everything out when you’re young. 🙂


  2. Summer Plates is really a pretty quilt. I love those little centers, too. So fun to play with color in that position.
    Really diggin’ the input of Baxter and the GREAT natural photos. What a kissable belly belly!!!


  3. I LOVE this project!! What size will it be, I can’t remember the block size and am too lazy to look back? LOL

    How can you resist tickling that exposed belly?



  4. Summer Plates is a beautiful quilt — I love the colors and that floral background print. Baxter is so adorable — his sleeping position is pretty funny. He has such a sweet face — I especially like the white outline around his eyes.


  5. Baxter definitively has a gleem in that kitten eye which spells mischief fun and laughter.
    Bess and claude ( our tabby) sometimes sleep in that position it is tempting just to stroke that fluffy stomach isn’t it.


  6. Baxter always gives me my chuckle of the day. When I look at your pictures, I always laugh out loud. What is it about kittens that makes them so adorable?

    Love your plates. The colors are such pretty, muted tones.


  7. Oh my word. Just what I needed as I take a break. Should be in bed (Baxter’s sleeping position will probably be copied, as two yorkies take up the other 3/4 of the bed!). almost at the end of it here. I know I keep saying that. Saturday for sure. sigh.
    Baxter is the most handsome kitty I’ve ever seen!!!!! oh, those EYES!~ I can hear him purr through Mr. QO’s photos!~ great photos.
    I love your block Cathi! So appropriately named!~ always nice to catch up with you and hear your happy post. Think of you often.


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