Scrappy Stars

Definitely not my normal choice of fabrics, but I’m having fun playing with these scrappy little LeMoyne Stars. The weekend before we got Baxter, I spent a lot of time reorganizing my fabric (knowing that doing that with a kitten around would be a bit difficult) and found a small stash of reproduction prints. Not knowing how much I’d like working with them, I printed sets of 8 diamonds on 16 pieces and started making these little LeMoyne Stars. They’re destined to be a small quilt for a friend.

Pressing them takes only a second or two.

It has been really hot and humid here the past couple of days.  Perfect summer weather, especially out on the roof garden where it always seems cooler as there is usually a breeze.

The flowers are absolutely gorgeous this year.

Baxter is getting more and more adventurous and has so far clambered up on Mr. Q.O.’s keyboard and on the telephone.  He has discovered chasing his tail in the past couple of days, which I can’t resist watching. He plays hard and then, in the blink of an eye, he’s fast asleep. This pose as he was having a snooze absolutely cracked me up.

16 thoughts on “Scrappy Stars

  1. This is a fun post with some real pretty to it but girlfriend, I can’t get over this hilarious photo of Baxter. I love to start the day with a real giggle in my heart and a smile on my face. Thanx Bax. xx, *karendianne.


  2. Not my fabrics either but the stars really are pretty. LeMoynes are my favorite block to stitch :0)

    That Baxter really must have been exhausted after all the new places he has visited LOL.



  3. I am really enjoying watching Baxter. My youngest cat (about 2) still thinks he is a kitten. His coloring is similar to Baxter but he is just a regular domestic short hair with long hair. His name-Wild Willie and it suits him to a tee.


  4. I love these stars and your fabrics! I recognize a few of them from my own stash! I really like the little strawberry one. This photo of Baxter in repose just cracks me up. It should be a poster board for how I feel right now.
    I need a TShirt with this photo on the front of it. lol


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