Floral Blocks

On the weekend, I was cleaning out a small container in which I found floss, needles and these appliqued and embroidered blocks. I barely remember making the blocks and have no idea how long they’ve been sitting in there.

They finish at 6″ and, as there are about 20 of them, I think I can make a small summer wall quilt with them by adding a floral border.

Stitching with Baxter is an adventure.  He has decided that helping is something he needs to do and so he bats at the fabric when I’m piecing. He loves to help Mr. Q.O. with his cryptic crosswords by batting at his pen. We both happily put down what we’re doing to play with him.

He’s growing and getting more adventurous every day. On Monday he started to talk more in the classic tiny Maine Coon meow and silent meows. I’ve noticed the past couple of days that his whiskers seem to be getting longer, which I think you can see in this picture.

20 thoughts on “Floral Blocks

  1. Oh my goodness look at those beautiful blocks. Wow!!! How sweet and pretty. Beautiful work, Cathi. Absolutely beautiful.

    Oh yeah, I’m sure Mr. Baxter is a big help with the Cryptics. hee. 🙂


  2. To find such wonderful blocks and not remembering them!

    I clicked on Baxter’s picture to enlarge it, it’s such a beautiful kitty! His eyes are all about being naughty!


  3. I can’t wait to see those blocks in a quilt! Wow!
    Little Baxter has you two whipped into shape! He’s in charge already, so nice that he’s getting control of things! 🙂


  4. Your applique blocks are so soft and pretty! I can’t believe you forgot about making them. It must really have been a long time ago.

    I also have a cat that swats at pens. If I’m writing a letter or even a note, I have to change locations several times just to finish it because he’s constantly attacking it. He’s also 23 pounds so he’s got a lot of strength in his paws. Baxter is adorable and would easily make me stop what I’m doing as well!


  5. Beautiful blocks – I’m looking forward to seeing what magic you weave with them! Baxter is adorable – sounds like he’s got you trained ;o)


  6. Hi Cathi,

    The floral blocks are just beautiful. They will make a lovely quilt.
    Baxter is looking so cute. Their whiskers seem to grow faster than they do in the beginning.
    Hope your surving our Ontario heat.
    Have a great day.


  7. Oh my, Cathi…those blocks are so pretty! Kinda fun to find treasure like that!!! It will make such a nice wall hanging!

    I love seeing Baxter grow. It reminds me of when I had a big orange cat. He was a little odd in that he would sleep with my son’s rabbit and rat. Goofy cat. I would be knitting and watching tv or looking out the window while knitting and pretty soon the yarn would end with a wet end. Fat Cat would chew the yarn as it was going by him as he was sitting next to me on the chair or couch.


  8. What sweet blocks, they will make a pretty summery quilt! Cats can be very ‘helpful’, can’t they? We used to have a cat who batted at the knobs on the ends of knitting needles when I tried to knit….she left the yarn alone, it was the needles which interested her.


  9. The blocks are beautiful, can’t wait to see what border you will use.
    Baxter sound lovely. My girls want a maine coon kitten as do I but we have our feline family and am enjoying them and their antics.
    enjoy the wonderful adventure of watching him grow.


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