Red and White Stars

There was a fair bit of printing and cutting going on here over the weekend. All the 1″ hexagons are printed, about one-fifth of the 2″ hexagons are ready and 88 of the star points printed and cut. There’s something about having all these pieces ready to stitch that I find irresistible.

The blue and white quilt that’s in my blog header has always been a favourite and one that I wanted to make again. I’ve started it in red and white and am contemplating making a third one with every star in a different colour, although the multi-coloured one will likely be made with smaller shapes.

It’s a fast stitch as the stars go together in just a couple of minutes. One of the things I love about this design is that when I finish adding the stars to one another, the top is done. No blocks to join into rows or rows into the top. And there are tons of continuous stitching opportunities.

Baxter is an absolute delight. He has two speeds; asleep and racing around. Getting a picture of him awake is going to be a challenge as, when he’s awake, he’s on the move and at lightning speed. I love this shot of him as it really shows the colour of his eyes.

15 thoughts on “Red and White Stars

  1. I love your red and white idea! Reminds me of that red & white wedding quilt that I have yet to make!
    Baxter is already looking like a majestic cat! 🙂


  2. Ohh friend, I absolutely am swooning over this one! Still doesn’t change my feeling on that one that’s resting over the back of the chair (har, har, har, hee). Your piecing is amazing and the color combo is outta sight, dyno-mite! ALMOST makes think of powering up old bess and popping in that CD to print. Almost.

    Great picture of Baxter!!! Love the eyes and the markings around the eyes. Hey umm.. what does he think of his Mum when she’s stitching? Does he like to participate?


  3. The red and white version is going to be great.

    Isn’t it funny how active cats are as kittens? I remember that kittens on the farm when I was growing up. The older cats lay around and the kittens run, run, run.


  4. Love it, love it, love it…I love red and white quilts. Makes me want to do one. But…I will resist until some other projects are done.

    Baxter has beautiful eyes. He is going to be majestic!


  5. Hello

    Oh isn’t Baxter sooooooo cute. Such fun to have a kittie around
    from NZ
    PS I love the commenet form on your blog. I guess that’s the plus of using word press


  6. I just love kittens at that age when they have two speeds–zooming around and sleeping. Definitely a challenge for photographers. Your red & white quilt is going to be spectacular.


  7. I love your blue and white version and I always love the red and white combination. I hope this is a very soon to be new pattern on your website, Cathi.. And then of course, we have to work on Linda to come up with a small collection of the three pieces, since some of us don’t have C.D. No. 1 and it isn’t available anymore. Thanks for sharing. Cathy in TN


  8. Baxter just keeps getting cuter!! And the quilt is awesome…I’ve always like the blue and white one in your banner. I have CD #3. Will the pattern work with .75″ and 1.5″ hexagons and the star points in that collection? Hmmm…I guess I could print some on paper and play with them to find out!! The more I used Inklingo, the more like it! There is truly something addicting about printing on fabric!


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