Dance of the Poinsettias

I know, I know — it has been an extremely long time since I blogged. I am going to give it yet another try and hope to post twice a week — at least at first. I’ve missed blogging and, … Continue reading

Dance of the Poinsettias Progress

I’ve now added ten of the 10-point stars to my version of Can Can, now Dance of the Poinsettias. I’d finished the little pink units I showed in my post on Friday and had actually already added one before I … Continue reading

Hybrid Piecing

I need to make 10 of these for the next round of my Dance of the Poinsettias – which is now the name of my Can Can quilt, thanks to a comment left on my last post! I really am … Continue reading

Can Can/Poinsettia Assembly Line

Odd title, isn’t it? Once I had this much of the top together, I knew I was committed to making it. So it really did end up feeling rather like an assembly line for a while over the Christmas break … Continue reading

Is It the North Star?

It’s not the North Star. But it is two new stars – the Morse Star and the Inklingo Star. And they’re both fantastic fun to stitch. And to fussy cut/print. Continue reading

A Barely Begun Unfinished Object

I’ve been going through partially complete projects and trying to decide what I want to do with them. This?  This was started around three years ago.  Obviously I didn’t get too far with it.  I printed many, many 2.25″ equilateral triangles for this project and had started putting together one row when it got put away. To be honest, I didn’t even remember I had it until I opened a drawer and saw the bag full of the triangles.

This is one of the projects for which I used the sewing machine to stitch the triangles together into pairs.  I only printed the templates on the cream neutral fabric and then stitched along the stitching lines before cutting the triangles apart into pairs.  It certainly made that part quick.  Then I decided I wanted to hand piece the pairs into rows, it seems, so a little hybrid piecing.  I think I know why this got put away.  The colours are totally outside my normal comfort zone.  How much more of this I will put together is anyone’s guess as, at this point, I’m not enthused about it although Mr. Q.O. definitely likes the colours.  This may be one of those projects on which I will work for an evening or so every few weeks and slowly put together a lap quilt for Mr. Q.O.  But for now, it’s being put away again until I get a few other projects finished.

Smudge was very alert Tuesday night.  He is eating more on his own each day and we think he has put on a bit more weight.  I talked to our vet on Tuesday and for now we’re watching to see if there’s any return of the jaundice and continuing with the syringe feeding.  I’m a little concerned about the amount of tuna in the cat foods that he is eating in light of the recent warnings by Health Canada about the levels of mercury in tuna.  I asked our vet about it and he said that, while he hasn’t read any studies about the effects of the mercury in tuna in cat foods, it may be an issue if that’s the only type of food Smudge will eat.  So we’ll slowly start trying some foods with no tuna and see what happens.

I often wonder why cats are so likely to love cat food with seafood of some sort or another in it, as that is not their ancestral diet.  Smudge is so finicky about food but always seems to love anything with tuna.  Lester?  Lester likes every kind of cat food.  Here he was having a snooze after dinner.