Hybrid Piecing

Pink Unit IMG_2750wtmk

I need to make 10 of these for the next round of my Dance of the Poinsettias – which is now the name of my Can Can quilt, thanks to a comment left on my last post!

I really am enjoying making this top but I wanted to see if I could speed it up with some hybrid piecing. This little pink and white unit is perfect for that.

Machine pieced pink skinny diamonds IMG_2733wtmk

The centre two skinny pink diamonds are machine pieced.

Machine pieced white large diamonds IMG_2731wtmk

As are the pairs of two larger white diamonds that are on either side of the unit.

Pnk unit laid out for hand piecing IMG_2734wtmk

The piecing that’s left to do is all continuous piecing, which makes it fun to hand piece and so much faster to put together. Now it will take just three threads to join the unit together.

Pink Unit IMG_2750wtmk

And it looks like this completed! I’m sold on hybrid piecing now and will, I think, look for more opportunities to use it in other quilts.

Pink Unit Back IMG_2751wtmk

The piecing is finished and the seams are graded, and it presses perfectly.

I looked at the remaining parts of the top to see what else would be perfect for hybrid piecing and identified quite a bit. And then I was sitting at the sewing machine, chain piecing lots and lots of the larger white diamonds and skinny green diamonds into pairs and some other elements as well. My goal is to leave only the continuous piecing, aka the fun stuff, for hand piecing. Along with making this more fun and faster to put together, I think this has been a great learning curve for me and I’ll definitely be doing more hybrid piecing in the future. That way maybe I can get more things done a bit quicker! Of course having the perfect stitching lines printed on the back of my fabrics helps bolster my confidence while machine piecing as well.


“Chain Stitching”

Baxter January 26, 2019 IMG_2737wtmk

Baxter was  sitting on the couch and being oh, so cooperative as I took pictures of him. I love this one – it shows his little white milk moustache.


15 thoughts on “Hybrid Piecing

    • It’s actually amazing how much time some hybrid piecing saves. And makes it easier to try to stay on top of all the projects in progress — try being the operative word!




  1. you said “continuous piecing”. Do you mean all the hand piecing was in one continuous go? Could you explain the order of stitching so I can follow how you did it? I love your idea of the hybrid method!


    • I’ve just written a post that will publish tomorrow on my blog that will — I hope — explain how I sewed the unit together with just three lines of continuous sewing. I think once you see the diagram it will make sense.


  2. To Mr. O, that is a very unusual sewing machine, and I’m not referring to the brand. We all know the operator is a ‘swinger’!
    And Congrats to the operator. You have now entered the ‘industrial age’!!


    • Thanks, Liz. I am okay and am finally slowly working my way out of the sewing doldrums. I think I have something ready to photograph and will hopefully post in a day or two!

      Thank you for checking up on me.




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