Dance of the Poinsettias Progress

Can Can Front, February 18, 2019 IMG_2730wtmk

I’ve now added ten of the 10-point stars to my version of Can Can, now Dance of the Poinsettias. I’d finished the little pink units I showed in my post on Friday and had actually already added one before I remembered to take the progress picture.

Can Can Back, February 18, 2019 IMG_2728wtmk

The back after pressing.  I’m grading the seams right away which helps when pressing.

The next round requires ten  large 10-point stars. I need to make a total of 16 more large 10-point stars for the entire top and I may — I haven’t decided this yet — make all 16 before I start adding the next round. I’ll make that decision once I get the ten needed for the next round done.

There was a question about the sequence I’d sew the seams in the pink unit.  I had sewn them all before I remembered to take these pictures, so am using green skinny diamonds in place of the pink.

Pieces Laid Out IMG_1023wtmk

First I lay the pieces out with the wrong side facing me.

Pin in at end of first seam IMG_2779wtmk

Then I pick up the first pair of white diamonds and one of the top skinny green diamonds and put the pin in at the end of the first part of path 1 of continuous sewing.


With Mr. Q.O.’s help, arrows were added to this picture. Each colour shows the path I used for one of the three lines of continuous piecing. The numbers are at the end of each path.

Rather than starting and stopping to knot off my thread six times if I were to hand piece this unit, I only started with a new line of piecing three times. The whole unit gets put together much faster. Hybrid piecing makes piecing this quilt top a lot of fun.


“The Poinsettia Dancers”

Baxter February 18, 2019 IMG_2776wtmk

Baxter was very intently watching Mr. Q.O. when I took this.


24 thoughts on “Dance of the Poinsettias Progress

  1. I love this one!! For some reason it reminds me of the cartoons set to music. The red flowers just seem to be spinning around the center. I like that you’ve broken down your piecing sequence.


  2. Gorgeous, Cathi. Looking forward to seeing your next post. Baxter has beautiful eyes. In this picture you’ve caught a wonderful view of them.


  3. Cathi, Your quilts are so special. I absolutely love this one. Because of the fabric choices, the complex design doesn’t get too “busy.” It’s just beautiful. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.


    • Thanks, Sue! I was intrigued by Can Can when I saw it in the book but hadn’t really thought about making it. Linda’s illustrations of variations done with very controlled colours really resonated and off I went doing my version this way. I’m really enjoying piecing it — of course, thanks to Inklingo! — and so far I love the effect with just the three colours with white.


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