I had great plans to stay completely focused on Can Can/Poinsettia and was making progress. I really did.

But there was a new Inklingo collection for a block called Starry Path that was seemingly destined to throw me off course. There had been photos like these of it on the Inklingo Facebook page for a few days that were very intriguing, but I thought I could resist.

Then the 6″ Starry Path collection was released and — well, it looked like such a fun block to sew and those fabulously skinny points were really calling to me. For a few days I was able to stay focused and continued working on Can Can/Poinsettia (I really need to decide on that name!)

But then I caved — I couldn’t resist those fabulous pointy stars. A little fussy cutting was called for. Some quick rummaging around for some red fabric that worked with the print.

Starry Path 1 IMG_2762wtmk

The first one was made.

Starry Path 2 IMG_2763wtmk

It was so much fun that I had to make a second.

Starry Path 3 IMG_2765wtmk

Then a third.

Starry Path 4 IMG_2766wtmk

And a fourth.

Starry Path Back IMG_2764wtmk

The back of one after the seams were graded and the blocks pressed.

Yin Yang IMG_2760wtmk

Then I had to make a black and white Yin Yang block to maybe go with them — mostly because I need some curved piecing to do.

Five Blocks Together IMG_2759wtmk

I’m not sure where I’m going with this and it isn’t going to be a huge piece, probably using only 10 stars and who knows about how many, if any, Yin Yang blocks (as I really cannot resist making those). But that’s just for the 6″ Starry Path size.

Yesterday, there were collections for two larger sizes released –  8″ and 9″ Starry Path blocks. I have some ideas for very bright and cheerful stars using one/both of those sizes. And I’ve decided that for every one or two of the 10-point stars that I need to make for Can Can/Poinsettia, I will make one or two Starry Path blocks. Famous last words.

The next time I post, which will be later this week, it will be about the Can Can/Poinsettia progress (and hopefully with the final name!)

Baxter in Tunnel IMG_2756wtmk

Baxter was looking out from his tunnel the other evening.

15 thoughts on “Detour!!

    • Thanks, Laura. Those blocks are way too much fun to sew — I had no idea how addictive they’d be to piece!!

      I’m thinking that the black and white Yin Yang block may be too strong — but I’ll wait until I have a few more of them done as well as the 10 stars and then decide what I’m doing as far as setting them goes.




    • Thank you, Linda! The Starry Path blocks are amazingly easy to piece (and addictive!), and I love your tip on clipping that one seam before pressing – it really does make the block look fabulous!!




    • Thank you!! Have you made one yet? Be warned — they are amazingly easy, especially following Linda’s tips on piecing and pressing, and so very, very addictive to piece!!!




    • Hmm – may be my small Christmas wallhanging? I really am not planning to make this very big but then plans can change!

      I was thinking of getting out some flannel and making Baxter a little quilt. It will require machine piecing – so that would definitely be a weekend project.

      Oooh — Dance of the Poinsettias is, I think, a great name!! Thanks!




  1. I love all your work and have been missing your blog. Nice to see these beautiful blocks. The only thing missing is the ‘toon. Looking forward to seeing your next blog.


    • Thank you!! I’m a little concerned the black and white Yin Yang may be too strong, but I’ll see what I think when I have the 10 stars done and a few more of the Yin Yang blocks — it may just be a matter of how I set them.




    • I like the effect with fussy cutting and I’m also really intrigued by the other effects one can get with fabric placement with this block. I’m thinking I may try one of the larger size Starry Path blocks with a couple of Fassett prints and some batiks, just for fun if nothing else. It is a wonderfully easy and addictive block to piece!!




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